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Bess, Dear...what a beautiful job you are doing on that sweater! And a wise decision not to take it to the ER...Bless you, I know what you're going through now; my own dear Mom was up and down the last year of her life (or so) too. Hugs to you and yours, and prayers,


By Blogger Margaret, at 11:42 AM  

So sorry your mom is not well again. Here's hoping she'll rally for the Christmas holidays.

How exciting to see the sweater joined! And I'll be interested to read your reviews of your new books!

By Blogger Mary, at 12:29 PM  

Oh jeez, my twin in Virginia, I don't know what to say except I know that it sucks. You are handling it well, but of course you will, it is your job. It still sucks, and no supportive words change that. One foot in front of the other, that's how it's done.

That sweater is amazingly gorgeous. I may never live anywhere that a sweater like that could be worn, but I love the artistry involved.

By Blogger Catherine, at 6:52 PM  

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Sunday, November 26, 2006  

Well, I slipped on over to Richmond all right. To the hospital. Mama’s back in again, with pretty much a relapse of what she had before but worse. Friday was spent in the emergency room till just shy of 10 o’clock, when, at least Arby’s was still open even if all the salad bar places in town were not. Saturday, with electrolytes replaced and a steady drip of potassium, she was improved and I came home in the afternoon. This time, though, she will go home to a rehab facility first, till all her meds play nicely with each other. She’s too frail and so is Dad, and they are both too stubborn and too shy and too old, to get in the sort of nursing care she needs, so we shall take the patient to the care.

I have also sent out the APB to the far-away sisters. Even though I think Mama will get over this present bout of illness, could make it through the winter or even for several more years, I don’t know how much of the real person inside is going to come back to us, nor how long she’ll stick around. It seemed to me that if they want to visit with the real mama, they ought to not put it off any. One sister has already booked her flight.

I had taken only Christmas socks to knit on, which proved to be a pretty good decision. Stranded colorwork, with all those different balls of yarn, in beside an ER bed? I shudder. I’m at the toe decrease on a sport weight woolease powder blue sock I started so long ago I can’t really remember when I knit it. BD tried it on and was so delighted with it that I know it will be his. LD can have socks from the nice brown colored Regia yarn I got for my birthday.

I think, until I get the Christmas socks finished (speedily knitting on the mate for Mama’s, a little slower on LD’s. BD’s can be wrapped unfinished) I will set The KipFee aside. I’ve knit 5 rounds of the united sweater - 4 body decrease rounds. It looks lovely. Here are a couple of photos:

I will send a request out to the Universe for the totally cool inspirational perfect you got it wow ain’t that clever math solution to the sleeve caps. By the time I finish the Christmas socks, who knows, the answer may have come.

I did check out Euney Jang’s (sp?) Totally cool(yadayada)solution in the Winter IK. She steeked the sleeves themselves! Now that is so so cool! I wouldn’t have thought of it and I don’t want to do it this time, (because I want my own TCIPYGIWATCMSolution) but by golly - I’m going to do it on a sweater sometime. I love clever math people.

On the way home from Richmond yesterday I stopped at a B&N where I got a chance to gaze at Nicky Epstein’s latest book. Lawsee. I so vibrate to her knitting drumbeat. I’ve already ordered it for the library but I believe it will be on my short list of things I want for Christmas. It’s exactly the kind of thing I can ask BD to get for me and he’ll be so happy to be so successful at gift shopping. We’ll both be happy. I also took a good look at Victorian Lace. VL is VeryBeautiful. And different enough to not overlap Meg Swansen’s Gathering of Lace. But I didn’t buy it either, since I put it on that same library order. I don’t have to own that book, just have access to it.

Of course, I wouldn’t have stopped at B&N if I hadn’t intended to Spend Money and I did. Along with a present for a girlfriend and a beautiful Advent Calendar, I picked up two books for me: Traditional Scandinavian Knitting by Sheila McGregor (Gotta love that Dover company. This was only $14.95!) and Luxury Knitting, by Linda Morse. I’d heard of the first one but hadn’t seen it before. I’d leafed through the second one once before and given it the go-by. This time, though it struck a chord and I had to bring it home. I’ll give them a close inspection this week and let you know what I really think about them ... but I’ll say this. I wanted to rub my face in the picture on the front of Sheila McGregor’s book.

So. It's the last day of the holiday. I'd be sad if to see it end except there are interesting developments coming to the library this week. And the carpet cleaners were in over the weekend. I can't wait to see what they've accomplished. I am thinking Miracle!

Good knitting to you all

posted by Bess | 10:50 AM