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Happy Thanksgiving, Bess! Stay warm and dry and forget the WW thing for a while.

By Blogger Larry, at 9:18 AM  

Hello, dear heart -- and Happy Thanksgiving to you and BD, LD and GD in your lovely little corner of the world.

Hugs from the Canuck

By Blogger Margaret, at 9:23 AM  

Happy Thanksgiving, Dear Bess!
Of Course you know there is a touch of sadness covering me today. I am Thankful I am here with the Grandbabies...however...I am missing what has become my favorite holiday tradition...Thanksgiving in Champlain! Love to you all, I am with you in spirit!


By Anonymous Patti, at 11:31 AM  

Heh, heh -- my evil plan to talk everyone into going on that Interweave trip is working! Join me!

Congrats on joining the sweater -- can't wait to see pictures! You should stop by Eunny Jang's blog ( and ask her about her shoulder decreases -- she's often very responsive to commenters, even though she gets 200 comments per post.

Happy Thanksgiving!

By Blogger Mary, at 11:53 AM  

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Thursday, November 23, 2006  

There’s joy in Mudville today! I have my old hotmail back and it’s as welcome as any prodigal could be. Even though the page hung, once I’d rebooted and logged on, there was that familiar old blue screen. Not that the other one wasn’t blue too, but this one actually loaded. I feel like I got a gift. Top it off with the fact that this is a holiday and people are on the road or watching television or doing something besides internetting, and even dial-up does what I would call “works”. I Am Thankful.

And it really is Mudville around here, for yesterday was one of those grey rainy blustery snuggle inside with your dogs and your music and your best friend reading to you and your knitting. We’ve had several of these grey fur days this autumn, but I haven’t yet had a chance to take full advantage of any. I’ve been on the road or at work when the world closed in with its weather that says “Stay in bed. You have no responsibilities today.” Yesterday was the first chance I’d had to actually do that: To sip a 3rd cup of coffee while BD and I worked the Sunday paper acrostic, with dogs across the foot of the bed; to walk from room to room enjoying the colors as they shimmered and shifted in the silver rainfilled light; to sit with my back to the wood stove while Schubert’s Great Symphony resonated in my chest. BD had to get up and play along with the last movement, causing Jack to sing along with the high notes. Yes, Margaret. I did choose this magical place and even if I never get past clunky local internet service I am, and always will be, grateful for the blessing of living where I want to be.

On the knitting front there is important news.

[Drum rolllllllll]

I’ve joined the sleeves. Yes. the KipFee is a single unit now. I’m taking photos. I’ll load them, probably tomorrow a.m. before I leave for ... before I slip on over to Richmond. I’ve done 4 rounds of decreases - bites out of the body - and have 4 more to do. I also did just a wee tad bit of the rest of the SweaterMath which I offer to you now.

* * *

After I finish the sweater bites I’ll have 9 more inches to knit to get to my shoulders.

Row gauge is something like 8.5
8.5 x 9” = 77 rows

This is too bad. The pattern calls for a row gauge of 9 rows per inch and if I were hitting it, I’d have 81 rows to do all this in - but there you have it. That’s my gauge and I can’t change it now. The good news is, I’m knitting this to fit based on my body and my gauge. My body and my knitting don’t have to fit someone else’s pattern.

So. I have 102 stitches in the sleeve and they all have to be gone in 77 rows.

If I decrease 4 stitches in each decrease round (2 out of each sleeve, front and back) I need 25 decrease rounds plus or minus a fudge round.

This is good. 77 / 25 = 3

This means I can (if I want to): *decrease 2 stitches per sleeve for 1 round then knit 2 rounds without decreases. Repeat from *.

I am thinking, though, that this may make a pointed sleeve cap.

So. If I want the top of the sleeve cap to have say, 1.5 inches worth of knitting (12 stitches) I could subtract them from the initial sleeve total.

103-12=91 Ick. Odd numbered remainder. Don’t like that.

I’ll add one more stitch to that inch and a half, because then I have a nice even 90 stitches.

Alas, 76 / 22.5 (1/4 of 90) is 3.4 and I would have a heck of a time figuring out that row repeat.

Besides, I’m still not confident that one flat round at the top will give me a beautifully rounded sleeve cap. And I am thinking that instead, I’ll decrease 2 stitches on each sleeve every 4th round till I am getting near the end and then decide what to do.

In theory I know what to do since I’ve done this twice. But I can’t remember what it was that I actually did. Not mathematically, that is. What I did was knit till I got near the top and then filled in all the blank spots with stitches; some straight knitting, some short rows. The thing is, both of those sweaters were knit in plain flat yarn, not stranded colorwork.

And I believe I’ll go look at the Winter IK 06 issue because there is this - which is another knitted sleeve cap miracle. Maybe she has ideas I can use. I’m still flirting with a shoulder heel sleeve cap.

And there you have it. A tour through the echoing chambers of my mind.

The last bit of knitting news is a wish. I want to do this! Oh I would love to take this trip. Yum!

On a more holiday theme, if you want a good Turkey giggle, check out this blog. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

posted by Bess | 7:41 AM