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I, too, cannot remember a rainy Thanksgiving, although there's been one or two snowy ones.

Your sweater math is mind-boggling. If I ever need help in that department, I know who to call!

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006  

There is a thick red band to the east this morning. The sky is an pearly unlit grey sheet overhead. The wind is rushing out of the north east and has that bit of dampness to it that heralds a winter storm.

We’ve had lots of different weather for Thanksgiving over the past many years, but I can’t remember a rainy one since I grew up and I can’t actually remember a rainy one as a child. It’s just that my childhood memories are rather selective, while the events of my adult years carry with them the feeling of items checked out of a catalog. I suspect that’s because I had more to do with cause than effect once I grew up. One tends to remember the things one chooses to do and children have so little choice in the big things they tend to treat all our lofty decisions and arrangements as just so much white noise.

Anyway, it looks like rain for Thanksgiving. The weather dot com guys say it will rain. I have a small house and 10 guests coming. This will be ... interesting - but I plan on being Confident.

There is knitting news today. I have finished the circular knitting of the 1st, but knit second, KipFee sleeve. It is time to do TheMath. Since I have you all here, captive to my meanderings, I shall talk about TheMath now.

  • My sweater body is 320 stitches
  • 60 in front and 160 in back.
  • Right front will be 80 stitches in from the steek stitches
  • 8% of sweater body stitches = 25
  • I start loading that 8% onto holders after 68 right front stitches are knit
  • There are 128 sleeve stitches minus the 8% leaving 103 sleeve stitches to knit next, joining sleeve to body.
  • Knit 134 remaining back stitches and load the left front 25 stitches onto holders
  • Repeat for left sleeve

Note. I am putting 2 stitches more in the front than in the back because that is where there is more of me

Total stitches on needles = 476 plus 11 steek stitches.


But I begin decreasing in the next round - 4 stitches from the body in every round where the sleeves join till it = 60 stitches on each front half and 120 stitches across the back.

That’s decreasing 2 stitches in back for 7 rounds
2 stitches in front for 8 rounds.

Oh. And remember. All the time I'm following the color charts. I plan to do all the decreases so that a dark stitch shows on top, whatever pair of colors I'm knitting with at the time.

Knit straight a little bit (at least 2 rows) while sipping wine and figuring out the sleeve decreases.... which I will think about tomorrow.

At Tara.

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