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Bess, have a wonderful time. We want a full account so that we can all live vicariously through you.

By Blogger erica, at 8:15 AM  

So, I suppose I'll need an appointment to see the sweater? See you tomorrow!

By Blogger Jane, at 8:25 AM  

Naughty Jane. I'll ask KipFee to check her schedule! ;>

Nah - you can see it anytime you want.

I promise, Erica - I'll have Photos! And Words!

By Blogger Bess, at 10:38 AM  

You gotta know I'm psyched! My mind has been a whirl of "I need to bring this...", "I need to bring that...". I am bringing my laptop, so you're welcome to use it.

By Blogger Mary, at 11:41 AM  

OK, have been gone long enough...I miss your updates!

Miss you, love you, hope you had a great time!


By Anonymous Patti, at 3:17 AM  

Oh, you are so nice, though I don't really think I believe it (most especially the comment about perfectly proportioned! not!).

It was a wonderful weekend, and a wonderful trip. So nice to have 15 hours of uninterrupted chatting time in the car with you!

Hugs and Hugs, Jen

By Blogger Jennifer, at 4:28 PM  

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006  

So. It’s lift-off day. At 1 o’clock I will be officially Going To The Retreat. The best news is that Mama’s feeling better. She had a rough start last weekend, but a staunch and capable sister has run interference for her all the way and when I talked to her last night she sounded more confident, more relaxed and more energized than she’s sounded in a long time. I can go off to play with a lighter heart now

But there is a lot of other good news. First off, M is coming. A last minute cancellation popped up and M was free. I’m so thrilled she gets to come and it will be fun folding her into my own particular group of knitters gathering in Walker Valley, NY and knowing she’ll also be making her own circle of friends. You can’t help but make friends at this event.

And then - I get to spend hours visiting with J, sharing plans, recent discoveries, and dreams. We met at the first KRRetreat. It was instant bonding. Across a crowded room. (giggle) Sounds like a romance, but it was a soul sister click. J is one of those heart-stoppingly beautiful women. Perfect skin, perfect proportions, fabulous hair. I am one of those women who lug the entire make-up counter from Macy’s even on a visit to my parents, who already think I’m beautiful. One of my goals in life is to finally travel minus hair-dryer. I am not there yet. Be assured. My hair dryer is going to New York with me. But I can’t help laughing inside at J’s comment, once, upon seeing my cornacopia of make-up: “oh. I just use this cream for moisturizing”. That’s it. That’s her entire make-up routine. Sigh. But there you have it. Gifts are distributed, not concentrated, and we each have our own.

New for me, this year, will be going as a retreater and not as a helper. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to do something like that, because I am such a Virgo. But all the slots are filled in the worker-bee category so this time ‘round I’m forced to be entertained and pleasured and duty-less. How’s that for a twist? But no kidding, I had serious doubts I could have fun just being pampered and first. I’ve accepted my fate now and will practice my prima donna tricks until I come off as a True Queen and not just Like a Queen.

After much nail-biting I have decided to take the KipFee sweater along. I may not take any yarn - because I know that I make mistakes when I knit in a crowd and I don’t want to make any whoppers on the KipFee. The thought of traveling to strange and distant places with all those many balls of yarn to keep track of makes me dizzy. Or I may take just enough colors to get everything to the point where I join the sleeves - and then pack it away except for show and tell. And not for the Friday Night show’n’tell either because that event is just too long for me. I am always exhausted if I stay up for the whole thing. Midnight is not a familiar hour for me. I will, though, host a private viewing later in the retreat - for anyone who wants to see a KipFee in the flesh - er yarn.

Other projects I’ll carry along are:

The woolease (yes I have been known to knit with woolease) sock I began umptydumpty years ago that has commandeered a set of #3 Addi Turbos!!! I will finish it up and make its mate and they will be LD’s Christmas socks. An honest and realistic knitter would stop there. Along with the yarn and needles for both classes I’m taking, I will have more than enough knitting to keep me busy all weekend long and on the drive up and back. But I, alas, am a fantasy day-dreamer knitter who loves to fool herself. I will take along at least 2 other sock yarns - Mama’s second sock of Spirit Trail yarn, some Regia for BD, and the half knit display sock for Spirit Trail’s booth. That one I may actually finish in time for her to use it at the retreat. I’m on the gusset right now.

I’ll take a drop spindle along and one small bag of fiber to work with. I have a little blue faced leicester - it looks like enough to make maybe 200 yards of a fine yarn. And some ordinary corriedale just in case someone wants a drop spindle demo. Maybe.

But that’s it - and frankly, that’s enough.

I’ve been to the bank. I’ve bought food and water for the journey. I’ve gassed up the car. I’ve about half packed my suitcase. Probably have too many clothes but I still have time to winnow that down. The idea is to take only 2 bags. One for clothes (and books and the ubiquitous hair dryer) and one for knitting. Well, 3, because one has travel food in it. And maybe an empty spare bag for bringing home New Things. I shan’t bring home any yarn but I may buy a book or more needles or other tools. One never knows. But I really do want to keep the load down.

Yep. Looks like things are in hand. I shan’t have a computer myself at this retreat, but if I get around one I’ll surely pop in and share the news. Otherwise, see y’all next week.

posted by Bess | 6:26 AM