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Did you go to Oyster Festival? We were going to make the venture but decided not to fight the crowd...Socks are always a good "travel project"!

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Monday, November 06, 2006  

More powerful messages from the Knitting Goddess. Yesterday I road off with BD on a boat ramble. Not in a boat, mind, but in a car, down to Deltaville, where all the boatyards and marinas and chandlers and little nautical gift shops are packed cheek by jowl along little creek fingers or tucked behind innocent looking front yards. He was on a hunt for marine plywood but you can take an old salt like him that close to the Chesapeake Bay and expect him to just pick up some plywood and go home. I knew it would be an all day jaunt.

I’d packed along some lunch and all the yarn I’d need for the next 2 or 3 patterns for that KipFee sleeve. I thought. Alas. After admiring the beautiful blue water at the mouth of the Rappahannock, having a Kevin Bacon experience with a boat builder who turns out to be the man in the painting the art teacher gave to the library for our opening day ceremonies!!, chatting with a fellow from Alaska who was fitting his double-ender out for an Atlantic crossing, peeking into half a dozen hulks that looked like 2 years worth of Saturdays as a boat widow to me, I left BD deep in a Boat Conversation and went back to work on the sleeve. I finished up pattern #4 and began pawing through the bag - to find the red, black, peach, pink, 3 shades of brown ... but no orange and green for pattern #5. Arrrgh! Hours of potential knitting time... and No Yarn!

This sweater is so NOT a travel project. Thus sayeth the Knitting Goddess. There are just too many different colors to keep track of. That’s one of it’s charms, of course - all those many colors. It could as easily be called the Joseph’s coat, although I always think of that as a brown coat. Wasn’t it made of many animal skins? Most leather is some sort of brown. I had not planned to take the KipFee to the retreat, but one never knows ... the lure of 10 hours of riding in a car is soooo tempting when a knitting project is zipping along. But nope nope nope. What if I lost a color! I could always buy another, and in such a colorful garment a dye lot difference would be less noticed - but nope. nope nope nope.

So. I have 2 days to pick out my travel projects and make sure I have everything I need and ... oh ... all the dithery things you need to do before taking a trip. This is the longest I’ve been away from home sans BD ever - at least, the longest on a pleasure trip - and I’ll confess.... I’m a tad bit nervous - not uncomfortable, exactly, but ... twisty. In fact - I better not write about it or I’ll start to fret. What I might do is make A List! Yes. A List is always a calming thing. A list of things to do before Wednesday.

Select sock yarn to take
Be sure to have enough needles
2 sets sock circs
1 #7
Class needles
Class yarns as well
Pack spindle and something to spin - one of the small bags of luxury fibers in my stash
Pens, pencils, notebooks
Print out directions to J’s
Go to bank - personal and get that statement for library too
Pack clothes (lawsee - how much do they wear way up Nawth!?)
Tidy house
Pay library bills
Clean off desk at work
Buy water - a 24 pack
Pack lunch for drive up. (Just have to wing it coming home)

Ahh. That last item is proof that what was such an effort to loose will easily find its way back home again. The lost item was lbs. They are packing back onto the body at an alarming rate. I’ve not yet crashed my inner weight ceiling, but I’m brushing the surface of it. I know what to do. I’ve just been resisting it. I hereby vow to return to the WWWay of measuring, portion control, journaling and exercise. In spite of the temptation to make jokes about winter insulation. Beginning today, November 6, 2006. Yep. Yep.

I’ll post KipFee photos later today.

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