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Monday, November 20, 2006  

For years and years I ran the library as a part-time director. It was a tiny little library with one other part-time assistant and it was open about 45 hours a week. Aside from one pre-school story hour a week and the summer reading club, we didn’t offer any programs. I worked Tuesday through Thursday and Saturday mornings for 9 years. Eventually I gave up the Saturday mornings but it was still 2 more years before the county funded a full time library director. That’s 11 years of steady work that didn’t earn me any pension, which is one reason I have to work till I’m 65. Not that I thought I’d ever quit working, but this pension track sometimes has the feel of a trap to it.

Time passed, though and we built a bigger library and offered more events and programs and projects ... and checked out and put away more books!! ... and finally got more staff and my job changed from smiling at people behind a desk and whispering conspiratorially that they just had to read this book to network management and human resources coordinator. And guess what. I’ve been working part time since August!! At least, I haven’t put in a 5-day-in-the-office week since then. Many of those days out of the office involved the general promotion of the library. There have been meetings and conventions to attend. Then, I had some vacation and there were government holidays and suddenly here it is Thanksgiving week and I’ll be off for 3 glorious days! Somehow, though, that idea of doing more in less time tickles me.

Or have I been promoted out of usefulness and into a pointy haired boss?

No matter. What I have is a Clean House and a 22 lb. turkey in the refrigerator and 10 guests coming for dinner on Thursday and I hear there is a bake sale at Vauter’s Church on the 22nd and I know the women baking and I believe this year I will purchase the desert, not bake it. Or not. I don’t know. Pumpkin pies are important ingredients in a Thanksgiving dinner. But with BD off sugar and with me over my WW goal .... somehow even if I’m offering desert, there’s something about making it that feels ... not good. So. Yes. I think I’ll let those nice Episcopalian ladies make my desert this year.

The Clean House took most of yesterday because I didn’t want the holiday to end and my guests to leave and that ubiquitous large paper grocery bag full of unsorted mail and ImportantPapers to get forgotten in the back room for another year. You may know that to which I refer - all the stuff that’s piled up on the dining room table, or the desk, or the kitchen counter: this month’s power bill, that slip of paper with the really good dry-cleaner’s name on it, the directions to your girlfriend’s new house, the article you really wanted to read before you threw the magazine away, the other bills, the October bank statement. That’s the sort of stuff that you would ordinarily get to on Friday, because you have the day off, only it looks so dreadful when you realize that company is coming and they’ll see what a disorganized slob you are! So you scoop it into a grocery bag and put it in a corner somewhere. And of course, you forget about it till you get the late notice from the power company... and then you can’t find it and it’s not till you’re rooting through your yarn stash that the bag you thought held the unfinished scarf you didn’t knit for your dad for Christmas actually has Old Papers in it. Important Old Papers. And a letter from your girlfriend!

Anyway. I didn’t want that experience again this year, just like I don’t want to bake the pies. So I sorted through them, put the bills in my purse, the new addresses in the address book, the articles I want to read by my bed and the trash - the bulk of all that paper - in the trash can.

And that is why there is no knitting in this knitting blog post. Rest assured - there will be KipFee progress soon.

posted by Bess | 7:45 AM