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Sorry for all your computer and email troubles -- that can be truly frustrating. My guess is that Windows Live mail beta is trying to compete with Gmail (Google's free, web-based email that everyone seems to use and love, although I haven't tried it yet -- I like downloading my email to my own computer rather than having to rely on a web browser to get it). And frankly, I don't trust anything "beta" released by Microsoft. Anyway, here's hoping there's a faster solution for you soon. You should poll any neighbors that use satellite to survey its reliability, especially during bad weather like today's.

Extra men at Thanksgiving, huh? Are any of them single? ;-) (Kidding!) Have a great holiday!

By Blogger Mary, at 1:39 PM  

"There is a thick red band to the east this morning. The sky is an pearly unlit grey sheet overhead."


The above is the reason you live where you do. You've made a choice for a lovely, peaceful environment...and with that choice comes -- like high-speed internet services. You were fine before the Internet, and you'll manage without it...if you get my drift...

Happy Thanksgiving!


Marg the Canuck

By Blogger Margaret, at 9:11 PM  

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006  

As you all know, I have the grandfather of computers and am on dial-up from home. I beg pardon for grousing about this so frequently while seeming to do nothing about it. The other factors which feed into my technical situation down here at the end of the lane involve Other People with issues that are not really mine to discuss. It is sufficient to say only that I am likely to be in this situation a fairly long time. The local wireless company’s new tower is on the far side of Newlands. Verizon is still laughing at my request for DSL and were down right rude when we asked them to boost us back up to 2400. Family them, I say. Satellite is not really my choice - though I am not ready yet to discount it altogether.

Stupidly, a few weeks ago when hot mail was taking forever to load I clicked on the “try the new Windows Live Mail Beta”. As a format for e-mail, on high-speed, with a computer running Windows XP, well, it’s not a bad program, although I never could find the contact groups I’d set up - an important one being the one with all the sisters and nieces and nephews that I use for helping spread info about the parents.

But. If I thought hot mail loaded slowly - I didn’t know slow. Windows Live Mail didn’t load at all most times and when the front page loaded, the messages lingered in betalimbo half the time. I would glance up from my 40th solitaire game and realize I’d been sitting an hour waiting for my e-mail. The sad thing is ... I would sit another 15 minutes after that. For the first time ever, I brought knitting into the office to work on while my e-mail loaded. I am talking Pathetic.

So. Today I was looking at the half loaded beta mail page and saw the little button labeled Options. Clicked on it. What do you know. After about 10 minutes I had the option to go back to Hot Mail. Clicked again. Answered their little survey. Told them I had no problems with their program other than the glacial movement between pages and the fact that I had to drive 13 miles to actually read my e-mail. Clicked the final button. 20 minutes ago. It is still grinding away. It’s still a white screen with a revolving world. Still promising to open up a page. (I always think asphyxiate page as the program slowly strangles on dial up phone lines.)

The long and the short of all this verbiage is that I am home for 5 days and I probably won’t be able to read any e-mail and I think that sucks. Bummer.

But that is all the complaining I intend to do and even that was somewhat by way of explaining why I might not answer you for a while. The rest of the world is ... well, cloudy, but bright and I Don’t Have To Go To Work Today! And my house is half way ready for guests. And I am going up to Vauter’s Church to buy rolls for tomorrow. I would be buying desert, too, except one of the ladies offered to give me a pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting that she doesn’t think is nice enough to put into the sale. I am laughing at this. I bet it’s perfect and if not, I don’t know a man yet who wouldn’t much rather have a cake with any cracks filled with frosting more than a photo-op cake with every layer the same width. And we’re having more guys than gals for dinner tomorrow.

No knitting news but I suspect there will be some quiet moments today and I’m gong to join those sleeves. I feel pretty confident about this shoulder technique. I’m sure I’ll like how the sweater looks. I find myself thinking, though, a lot about knitting sleeve caps, before I drift off to sleep or when I’m doing other, sort of buzz-off types of things. Why not knit a big shallow shock heel as the sleeve cap. How would I go about joining it to the sweater body shoulders?

Owww Owww! Too much engineering! My brain feels hot!

Okay. Enough. I will keep you posted as I move on up TheKipFee. In the mean time - enjoy your Wednesday. Knit on.

posted by Bess | 7:56 AM