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Tuesday, October 03, 2006  

Tuesday. October 3. Day one of NoLongerOnVacation.

That’s how I feel at the moment. I’m not sorry to be going back to work, but I wonder where the vacation time went and why didn’t I do this or that and my goodness, it’s been 9 days already? Would I have done some other things if I’d realized how swiftly time was going to fly past? Oh my!

And I don’t exactly feel like I’m going back to work even yet because the next 2 weeks are crammed full of NotInTheOffice days. There shan’t be a real nose to the grindstone week till ... woahhhhh. I have a board meeting on the 18th and I won’t be in the office on the 16th. and I have to do the minutes and director’s report and ship it out a week before that. Which is... next week. whew!

Oops. Sorry. Stream of consciousness panic there.

Well, I shall just sit back and watch what happens this week. I’ll be mighty busy with preparations for the story telling at Reams Road Elementary School. That is scheduled for this coming Friday. I’ll spend that night with my parents’ and head on up 15 at Crack-0-Dawn on Saturday to get to the Fall Fiber Festival in time to help J open up enormous bags of her fantabulous spinning fibers. Then it will just be fun and selling and talking and giggling and demonstrating and giggling some more and then a little more fun and did I say talking? I simply love it that I get to help with J’s booth. I’m scatterbrained and in high gear and probably not exactly useful, but oozing out energy pulses to innocent shoppers, while she is calm and serene, though I recognize that little line of concentration between her eyebrows. When she has that expression on her face I know she’s in limited stimulus mode. While I’m all antennae, J’s a Focus person. I’m picking up every broadcast within a 2 mile radius and, almost as if I were ADD, I’m responding to the energy. She’s closing off unnecessary interruptions and giving each individual her calm steady attention. Together we make an almost perfect sales team. We just need M to neatly crunch the numbers and then, nothing could stop us. At MS&W we are blessed with her skill and watchful eye. At FFF we have to wing it. Thank goodness, FFF is about 1/30th the size of MS&W.

My extra treat for having the good sense to indulge myself this weekend will be ...

Monday Off! Yep. Your tax dollars are going to be taking a banker’s holiday on Columbus Day. Thank you General Assembly. I promise to make it up to you on Tuesday, when I will work 2X hard fulfilling your library needs.

Okay. Enough about my schedule. The real question everyone’s been pondering must be “how is the sweater going?”

It’s going splendidly. I don’t have photos yet, but I will at least scan the patterns I’ve knit so far sometime today. (lunch hour? after hours?) I’ve knit the first 4 patterns. I’ve had only 2 serious tink-back-and-fix-it rounds out of 47. I’d like to think I won’t have too many more of these, but it’s fair isle and it’s stripes, with patterns that change about every 10 rows. Once you’re into the pattern it’s pretty easy to stay accurate, or at least, to catch a mistake within a few stitches. But each pattern change means a set-up row - where you have 330 opportunities to miscount. I am resigned to whatever repairs my drifting attention creates the need for.

I continue to endorse doing fair isle knitting with thin yarn. It is so much easier to keep the tension even. I don’t know why I’ve taken so long to take up #3 needles and cast on multiple hundreds of stitches and knit intricate patterns in several colors.


All joking aside, I’m obviously still in the sweet early days of New Love with this sweater. We’ve decided to try living together to see “if it will work out”. The real test will be that second sleeve - and the shoulder technique - which, though I feel it must have a theoretical foundation, has not had its math worked out. Ha! Which may not ever get its math worked out, seeing as how I’m hoping to be able to wing it, by doing a little slight of hand solid color knitting around those shoulders and dispense with math altogether. That is definitely a ThinkAboutItTommorow-At-Tara subject. I don’t expect to get to that point till November. That’s about 54,646 stitches from now.

I’ve had lots of uninterrupted time to work on this baby the past few days. I shan’t have so much freedom the rest of this week. Other fiber (and literary) pursuits must take precedence the rest of this week and I expect to be too wired at the FFF to wisely attempt all that counting. Of course, who ever said I was wise? But I’m taking along some sock yarn as a back-up.

I’m off now. There will be something of color in this blog by tonight. Ta.

Oh! P. S. I was really impressed with Interweave Knit’s holiday issue. Click Here.

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