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My birthday is in the 1960's - no spring chicken here, either!

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Sunday, October 01, 2006  

This is for my Virgo friends:

October should leave you feeling good, as long as you're prepared to stop criticizing yourself! This is easier said than done for lots of Virgos. You can't help it if you see life, warts and all. Yes, you are quick to criticize other people and show them the error of their ways but you are also often your own biggest critic. The best thing you can do for yourself this month is stop the moaning and self-deprecating and look at what you really want for yourself.

I hope you don’t need more than a prod about this issue. October is the month for borrowing from another role model of mine, Zaphod Beeblebrox, and say, “Yep. Just what I thought. I’m a pretty neat guy.”

The sun broke through soft clouds yesterday afternoon at the Walkerton Tavern in Henrico Co. Perfect blue and white skies capped a lush green and white lawn and the wedding took place like a gem in its setting. There was lovely recorded music, M&J were ecstatic, the families were kind and gracious and we all had fun getting dressed up on a Saturday afternoon. Happy happy day and an inevitable happy future for these darlings.

Of course, events like these tend to draw upon my store of nostalgia and wistfulness so I was all awash in memories the rest of the afternoon. The other odd thing was that this is no young couple. With birthdays in the 1960’s - they’re still a lot younger than I am. But they looked so young. Is that a telltale sign that ...gulp... I am getting old?!? Yikes!

I got in some good knitting on the KP fair isle sweater. Not as much as I’d hoped, because one of the yarns tangled as I probed for the center pull end. I spent the drive from the top of Broaddus’s Flats, all the way down Studly Road and up Mountain Road to the tavern, possibly 20 minutes, just untangling that mess. I was much more careful seeking for ends inside the other balls of yarn.

Also, I must remember that on big projects, car gauge is often not the same as house gauge. The knitting I did in the car was much looser than the two rows I did before going to sleep last night. I like the pre-sleep fabric better than the car fabric. I won’t rip anything out. Much of this will disappear with blocking. But I will at least try, from now on, to keep the gauge close. Especially tomorrow, when I shall be once again knitting in the car.

Photos of all this stuff on Wednesday. I’m on the second half of the second pattern and movin’ on up.

Happy knitting to you all.

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