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I have the perfect answer for you ....get the Laptop and a wireless keyboard. That was my solution and it is the best thing I ever did. My goodness you can purchase a very nice Laptop from Dell for a little more than the 500.00 repair cost for a PC that is going to finally go to it's grave. Bess, get the Laptop!!

By Anonymous Patti, at 2:33 PM  

Ooo! I love that solution! It tops the list so far! Thanks

By Blogger Bess, at 4:42 PM  

Mwah ha haaaaah! My evil plan is working! (That is, give her a camera so we get to see more pictures!) So sorry that I ruint you, though! But not really! I love being the catalyst for nudging you into the 21st century! :-)

On a serious note - is BD backing up his stuff from the old one? If not, that's playing Russian roullette.

By Blogger Mary, at 11:43 AM  

Backing up his stuff on the old computer, that is.... :-)

By Blogger Mary, at 12:23 PM  

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006  

Man - you would not believe how bad dial-up’s gotten.

How bad? you ask

I’d say - bottom of the vegetable drawer after the power’s been off 3 days. Yeah. Corrupted potato bad. Conspiracy bad. Tri-lateral commission bad. (you gotta be a certain age to laugh at that one!)

Of course, an ancient PC, rebuilt in 1995 and upgrated - giggle er, upgraded to windows 98 in 1999 ... well ... that doesn’t help matters much. I feel like I’m trying to get on line with a quill pen.

So yesterday I went on down to our local computer recycler place and talked to them about an upgrade. My attitude about computers is a little like my attitude about cars. Why pay that extra $ just to drive it off the lot ... or get the box to ship it back in? Especially when there is a perfectly good used computer shop in town that can meet my needs for half the price of new.

There are several issues at stake here.

#1 is that BD is a writer and he’s mastered Word6 so that it exactly does what he wants it to do in formatting his work for publishers. He does not want to transfer all his files to a new machine that will slightly alter things. His sensitivity is a vast deal beyond mine but this is his profession and you don’t mess with somebody’s horn. So this clunker ... er computer stays.

#2. This is a rather smallish house. It’s plenty big enough for us - though a studio would be just the thing to make it perfect. Alas. I don’t have a desk and I haven’t carved out a space for myself to have one yet because I think TheQueen's desk belongs in a studio. There is the glimmer of an idea of a place to put a desk if a studio isn’t in my near future - but I haven’t given up the idea of a studio yet. In short - where the heck would we put another computer?

#3. If I’m lucky, our house is within the radius of the new wireless broadband tower at Newlands - across the wide Rappahannock.

#4. I’ve been ruint. Dear M passed her old digital camera on to me a few weeks ago and now that I can click-click-click away, I want to be able to load photos swiftly, up and down, here, from home. I want to be able to hear music - maybe even download e-audio books from the library’s web site - when we offer downloadable e-books. Lots depends on high(er) speed access - but it’s coming to a neighborhood near us one of these days. I want a machine that is fast fast fast handling graphical files and has a nice fat Office type program on it too.

#5. Alas - I hate using laptops because they’re so tiny and my fingers are nice and crafty and big. But I can learn a new trick or two. It certainly can’t be any worse than typing away with my hands up under my chin on this keyboard on a desk built for a guy.

#6. BD also uses the Internet to handle some of his business and I don’t know if his (even bigger) fingers could maneuver around a lap top keyboard either.

The local shop can fix me up for $500 but it has shareware Office on it. I’m not sure that would be enough for me. And I’d need some sort of photo shop type program on it. Now that I have a Digital Camera.

It’s a trade off either way. A machine that is physically uncomfortable but does the things I want it to do, but sorta pricey VS a machine that is less uncomfortable but does the things I want it to do at a way low price, but that crowds us out of the house.

No doubt about it - I need a studio.

Today Mistress M is coming for lunch and a camera tutorial. I wanted to spend as much time playing yarn with her as I could so I gotupoffit and downloaded the camera drivers onto my work machine. The camera is going to do double duty taking pictures of library functions so this is kosher. I’m so excited about inching myself down the digital highway a little. Proof that I’m crusting over into the next generation is that I have been so slow to go digital with the cameras. Time was I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the newest hardwired toy. Eh. Stodginess comes to us all.

The play I want to do with our M, though, is more softwire - or soft yarn. I can’t wait to show off the KipFee sweater in person, to a real live knitter. I am reminded of something J told me last fall - that the folk at work all just nod and say “Oh, J’s knit another sweater.” I don’t get quite that light a response from my staff but when you show your knitting to a real knitter you know true pride-filled delight.

As for That Sweater - thank you all for the kind comments. It is truly a joy to knit. I put the first cuff - all brown and black stripes - onto a spare needle and cast on a second cuff. I thought the first one was a little dull so I’m going to experiment with some more colors in this second cuff. And lucky you - there will be Pictures of it all later today! Yes. Now you will have all TheQueen’s many Words and then all her Photos!

(She’s a nice girl ... if only she wouldn’t talk so much.)

posted by Bess | 6:44 AM