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Sounds like a lovely weekend planned, weather notwithstanding. Monday is a holiday here too -- Thanksgiving. Tomorrow I'm off to spend the long weekend with my sis at her cottage, knitting and watercolour in tow. Best to you!


By Anonymous Margaret, at 8:28 AM  

Your sweater is looking stunning, and I'm so glad you've figured out a way to take pictures of it despite the postponed camera adoption ceremony.


Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, and to reading about your cotton-spinning experiences on Friday and this weekend's FFF.

By Blogger Mary, at 12:04 AM  

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Thursday, October 05, 2006  

I love this sweater so much I thought I’d post the slice-0-sweater pic. again just so I can look at it when I open up my blog. I’m not getting much done on it because I’m working on Other Things - like the story program for tomorrow.

I’ve got a riddle, some history, a song, some technology, a demonstration and a story. But not too much of anything since it all fits into 30 minutes. The story I haven’t memorized - it’s a sort of Dr. Seus-ian rhyming thing - and I was getting worried about my ability to memorize it in time. Then, on my way to work yesterday, the light bulb flashed and I came up with the perfect solution. I’m going to draw cartoon picture posters of each segment of the poem and tape the lines on the back. That way I can sort of read the thing while I show the posters. Whew. And no. I am not an artist, but I can sketch well enough that my pictures can be recognized as what I’d intended them to be. Whew. What a load off my mind. Besides, the idea for the story came from one of the Little Mole films - fabulous Czech wordless animations that, alas, aren’t available here in the U.S. And pictures will soften the banality of my rhymes.

I’ll be up with the cows tomorrow and out the door by 7 in order to get all the way across Richmond by 9. Rain is predicted for all day tomorrow so I think I’ll pack up when I get home from work today; certainly load the wheel and my supplies. I’m taking HeyBaby because she’s my best traveling wheel. I am really looking forward to tomorrow. I adore this kind of project - gathering children around me and talking to them while my hands do magical making things. This will be the biggest crowd I’ve spoken to, though I suppose once you get 80 kids in a group, more doesn’t really matter. And I’ve done my program for that large a group.

After that I’ll be off to the Fall Fiber Festival. Cool weather is predicted for Saturday and warmer for Sunday so lots of sweaters and woolly socks are in order and shorts and t-shirts. I’ll work all weekend with J and be back home by 9 o’clock on Sunday. Happily, Monday is a holiday in our county - I can sleep in, putter around the house (or clean it, rather) and knit away on my KP sweater. I plan to take that baby with me, to show off, of course, but I don’t think I’ll knit on it - I’m too afraid I’ll make mistakes, knitting on it when I’m either busy or tired. So I’ll take mindless knitting in the form of some Regia Sock Yarn in guy colors, given to me by KD for my birthday. I’m not a big hand knit gifter - I’ve already slid down that slippery slope and don’t intend to burden my loved ones again with unasked for knitted gifts. But hand knit wool socks are on all 3 of my nearest and dearest’s Christmas lists, so I better get knitting.

So - dear hearts - till Monday - I wish you good knitting and no dropped stitches.

posted by Bess | 6:51 AM