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Sorry for all the drama of your weekend. Glad your folks are out of the woods for now. Here's hoping you have a lovely, quiet week at home.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006  

Hello my dear hearts. Thank you all for your warm support and love. It is all so welcome.

I am back from Richmond - got home yesterday, actually. Mama is going in the "getting better" direction rather than the getting worse. She had skirted awfully close to the end by delaying medical intervention. I don’t think either parent realized just exactly what are emergency symptoms and had diddled around in abject misery for 2 weeks, so that a fairly lethal bacterial infection had set in. Prednizone and anti-biotics is the cocktail for mom. For the next 4 weeks. Whew. And insulin - because prednizone is tough on diabetes.

No. My parents are not set up in a safe environment and they are making few adjustments to ease them through this phase of life. They have always felt more alive in crisis mode so this sort of emergency has a familiar feel to it. Interesting the difference between some folks and others. Some are glad to set themselves up in a situation where the burdens of life are handled by others and they can invest in the pleasures. Others feel that only burdens are real so the more burdensome life is the more real they are. Eh. I hope I am the pleasure type, myself.

I did get in some good knitting - as to be expected while loitering around hospitals. Photos tomorrow. I am also seriously thinking of making up that color chart I talked about last time. I had the dickens of a time finding the right ball of yarn last night. Besides, I'm at a good stopping place. I’m on the second chart for sleeve #2 (remember, sleeve #1 is still in it’s flat dull brownness, on stitchholders). 6 patterns in this chart should get me to the underarms. Of course, the stitch count increases on each pattern so it takes longer to knit it than the pattern before. Still and all. A happy place to be in my knitting.

The weather is gloriously beautiful this weekend. After a rainy beginning yesterday, a breeze that became a WIND blew away the clouds and left us with clear bright skies and magical sun-shadows slanting through the woods. I’ll take my New Camera out today and see what I’d like to share with you from my little neck o’the woods.

Enjoy that extra hour of play time weekend.

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