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I love that sweater!

By Blogger Ruth, at 9:57 PM  

Oh Bess, it is stunning, really stunning! It is going to look so good on you!

By Anonymous Patti, at 10:04 PM  

What a treat to see sweater pics and color swatch and dogs and house and yard! See, I'm reaping the benefits of that camera every single day! Ha!

Love the sleeve colors. This sweater is such a treat to watch progress. I can't wait until you finish!

Hey, maybe you could teach a fair isle class at your retreat??? "Fair Isling Bess' Way", where we all learn to pick both colors via continental method?

By Blogger Mary, at 12:25 PM  

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Monday, October 30, 2006  

The fun thing about this Digital Camera is that I can immediately look at the pictures I’ve taken. The big advantage to this is not that I can delete the bad ones, though that is a nice feature. It’s that during these quite morning hours, the only big chunk of time I have during the day to write these posts, I can see what it is I wanted to share and not have to wait to see if the pictures turned out all right after the one hour guys had time alone with them.

Of course, you already knew this. You’re even cool enough to have a machine at home that can load your photos and don’t have to wait till you get to work and can use real computers instead of fly wheel driven ones. But progress is progress and I’m pleased as I can be with how far I’ve come.

Thank you once again, M!

So. Here is progress of another sort.

Here is Sleeve #2 as of about mid-day Sunday. I’m a little further along now, but not much. Long about the time I took these photos BD suggested we go enjoy the Be You Tee Ful autumn day and grocery shop at the same time (Hi Martha!!) so I stopped playing with the Digital Camera and the KipFee sweater. But not till I got this action shot of Sleeve Upon Arm.

It’s a bit snug around the forearm but I can still get a t-shirt underneath it. Don’t think I could get one of those big white shirts - like the gal in the pattern photo did - inside, though.
Also, I’m sending out good vibes for enough Brown Yarn to do the bottom ribbing and the button band.

Here are some progress shots of the silk/merino sock I’m knitting for J to put in her booth.

It was so WINDY yesterday I had a hard time with this outside and inside it got way too flash-washed. Eh. So be it. Even Digital Photography requires a skilled photographer.

But the thing I am Most Proud of is this! TA DAAAAAA!

Yep. I did it. I made my own color swatch card. Aren’t I the KnitRuleTeacher'sPetGoodyTwoShoes? As you can see, there are a couple of colors that really do look the same. Tan and Twig are so close you almost have to take them outdoors to tell the difference. And you can tell the difference between Nutmeg and Wood, but I couldn’t memorize which one was which. Now it’s all there in Color and White for me. Who is feeling smug about this?

I’d wanted to take a walk with the new Digital Camera (still excited you see) and photograph my beautiful world but it was just too windy. But here’s a look at the yard anyway, and the house, and some dogs.

posted by Bess | 7:05 AM