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Love to you and your family, dear Bess!

By Blogger Jane, at 8:25 AM  

You probably won't see this until you're back home, but if you need a break while you're in town, I hope you'll let me know - I'd be happy to take you to lunch or yarn shopping or whatever....

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

By Blogger Mary, at 5:29 PM  

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Saturday, September 09, 2006  

You darlings - I was not that crippled - but thank you for your kind words.

In fact, after an achy start to the night I woke up just a wee bit stiff and had un-kinked so much by mid-morning I realized that I must go back to that dance class. I’ll get there on time and in time for the stretching warm-ups, but my back and shoulder - which have given me trouble now for over a year - felt better than they have since I fell in July of ‘05!

Even while I was trying to learn the steps and feeling my knees and shins protest, I realized that it was reeeeealy time for me to add a little variety to my workout routines. The elliptical machine is so efficient it’s easy to always use that - 300 calories in 25 minutes - yep yep - why fool around with an hour of aerobics dancing? But my shins told me why - there are other muscles that need attention too - and besides, though I always feel good for working out in any way - dancing is fun!

So - a little shimmy for TheQueen, hmmm?

I didn’t get to posting yesterday because I had an early appointment in town - one does not keep one’s manicurist waiting. She’s so good that if you miss an appointment, well, dearie - you just have to wait till your next scheduled one. I actually book 6 months at a time so that nobody gets my favorite slot.

Manicurist? you ask in disapproval. Ahh. Well. I think grubby looking fingers on a woman of a certain age have such a look of failure, of inability, of .... "can’t she even take care of her hands?" But a woman of a certain age will have eyes of a certain fuzzy focus and nail care is a bit fiddly. So when my eyesight ripened into ... ahem ... middle age, I gave the task of keeping my hands looking capable to a younger woman with matching youthful eyesight. It’s a tiny luxury I’ve never regretted. Even if nobody else in the whole world ever noticed, I feel confident for having tidy looking hands and that is always a plus.

Besides, Susan is a darling and I adore spending 2 hours a month with her.

A knitting blog? you say. HA! It is that when TheQueen says so. Right now it is a queenie blog and TheQueen is dealing with a different thread - the thread of life, Mama’s life, which seems to be moving to a new, perhaps final, stage. I haven’t posted about it much because I know she reads my blog and I don’t want her to be hurt or embarrassed that I would post about this. But I don’t think she will read it any more. She has a health care assistant coming day and night these days and my Dad and sister are looking into other ways of dealing with this end phase. I am going up to their house for the weekend - to stay through till doctor appointments on Monday. Thank goodness I have the sort of job (and maybe thank goodness I’ve done the sort of job) that gives me such freedom.

Sandwiched between parental duties will be the joy of taking a beloved sister shopping for "something to get married in!" as she put it. She’s getting married on the 18th of this month - a very tiny quiet ceremony - but a very, very joyous celebration for us all.

I promise, though, to take my knitting - the toes of the two Auction Socks - and that bag full of yarn for the Stash Sweater. Hmmm. Better go check on that Old Shale pattern.

Be back soon - but not sure when.

posted by Bess | 7:12 AM