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I think that must be going around.

I personally prefer the version used by Archie Goodwin: as busy as a one legged man at an *** kicking contest, but that's just me.

By Blogger fillyjonk, at 9:23 AM  

Feather and Fan produces a scallopped edge on the bottom and if bound off right after the increase/decrease row on the top. This means you will have to figure out some way to fill in the hills and valleys at the shoulders if you do the entire sweater in feather and fan.

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Friday, September 15, 2006  

Whew. I'm definitely in the one armed paper hanger category - as in "Busy as..."

I hope to have a bit of time to post this weekend - I ought to, though who knows if there will be any knitworthy news. But I am okay - just swamped. And oh so looking forward to that beautiful day Sunday, September 24th - when I plan to celebrate my birthday.

posted by Bess | 9:52 AM