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Ah, vacation. Lovely. Going anywhere?

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Monday, September 11, 2006  

Whew. Home again home again - and it feeeeeeels soooooooo goooood.

That etherial soft gust you heard - that was me, sighing as I settled back into my own gentle woods. BD, the prince among all princely darlings, had cut the grass and swept the walk. New autumn leaves were sprinkling the lawn with their golden color. Combines were in every cornfield from King William County east. The smell of harvest, ripe like pumpkin pie and hot soup, permeated the air. A puffy comforter of grey clouds is snugged over everything, but they're not full enough to rain.

This is home and this is a home worth coming back to. Silky Priss greeted me politely. Shy Socks tiptoed up to the house to bob and snuggle her head beneath my hand. My boys, Jack and BD, are off somewhere being glad it is today. So I have this gentle time to fit myself back into my natural setting.

Good gladness. That's what it's all about, no?

And thank you all for your kind words. Yep Patti - I do have that magic wedding fairy dust about me, don't I.

No knitting. I ripped out a bad toe from one of the AS#2s. I picked up a pair of pretty wooden #13 scarf needles to go into the knitting basket for the auction. I'll add some fancy yarns, a pattern for an easy scarf, a card good for 2 private knitting lessons and the blue socks. Maybe a measuring tape and defintely a stitch gauge card. And I'm done.

The only other thing I picked up was Interweave Crochet - and I see they are planning to make it a quarterly offering. It's quite good - I thought of C immediately when I saw that lovely red stadium length coat with the buttoned cuff. Handsome. I hope she checks it out.

It's back to my dooties tomorrow. But 2 weeks from now I will be ON VACATION!! Something to cling to, hmmm?

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