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Sounds lovely. I'll keep your parents in my prayers.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006  

The wedding was simply splendid - at least - the celebration lunch following it was filled with love, conversation, hilarity, and photo ops. There were actually only my sister, her husband, his brother and son at the ceremony. It all took place in such a tiny office in Powhatan Courthouse there wouldn't have been room for all the rest of us - but also, even though I got to Mama's at 9 a.m. and the wedding was at 11, well, we only got to the restaurant exactly 2 minutes before the bride and groom showed up.

TheBride was as pretty as I’ve ever seen her - all that wedding fairy shopping paid off and her outfit was everything she could have wanted it to be. All my sisters have curly hair - ranging from dark blonde to real strawberry blonde to auburn. Those of you who’ve seen me know that I was a changeling - something French or one of those Black Irish. But this sister is the one with hair to die for - like the girl on the cover of the bodice ripper novels whose hair curls in circles down the rock face into the sea as the pirate looms over her. And a beautician friend of hers had figured out how to make that sort of hair look just right for a bride, instead of a captive.

Anyway, we had such fun and we were all so happy and BD was sweet and tender and solicitous to mama. TheGroom’s family is also very sweet, and now I write this I realize that it must be one of those Virginia things - sweet men. Maybe even a Tidewater Virginia thing, since TheGroom and his family are from King&Queen - really next door neighbors. They have tender gentle eyes - all of them, from grandparents down to grandson. They are also far less boisterous than TheBride’s family, even when there were only 3 of us present. (BD is a Haile and they are not boisterous. Lively, entertaining, intelligent, courteous - but definitely not boisterous.)

We ate and chatted and laughed and teased and sipped champagne for 2 and a half hours before parting. BD & I had some things to do in Richmond before going home - not the least of which was to find a Tavern on Mountain Road, in Glen Side - where we are to go to a wedding on the 30th. It was a gloriously pretty day; the sort when you don’t mind riding in a fast car with the window rolled down. As we crossed the Mataponi BD suggested we take a canoe trip down it next week, when I'm on vacation. Maybe from Aylet to Walkerton. I mentioned I might even want to go swimming next week, if it stays warm like this. Just lots of gentle happy talk the whole way.

We got home at 6 o'clock and mama was on the phone. She said Daddy had come in from outside and couldn't remember sister’s wedding at all. A bustling round of tamped down, but panic feeling phone calls later and TheBride was on her way to the emergency room at Johnston-Willis. I am glad this is a second marriage for her - after a long, and modern, courtship. She called around midnight - nothing evidencing a stroke, no aneurysms or embolisms. But this is the Daddy who had a brain tumor removed 3 years ago - so today he'll be back at his regular neurologist for a complete diagnostic probe.


But there you have it. A rich life contains many things and a true life has both a beginning and an end. And thank goodness we are in a land that is full of good things, like EMT guys with ambulances and emergency rooms in hospitals and sisters who fall in love and move east and live only minutes away from aging parents. And cousins who surprise you for your birthday and send you fabulous photographs! Thank you I!!! I really am a fortunate one, if I want to notice the good things instead of the bad.

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