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Sunday, September 03, 2006  

There was no evidence of serious damage at the library - the guttering that blew into the back yard came off another building and the leak had stopped shortly after I went home on Friday. So - all’s well and all that.

We were not quite so lucky here at home. The canoe came undone sometime in the storm and dissapeared into the marsh. BD says he’s not too worried, that the winds could only blow it into our own marshes and that once the tides can go down it’ll appear. A purpose for a scavenger hunt is always a good thing, so I’m sure this too will turn out alright. This is the first time, though, that we’ve ever had a boat type loss.

Lowering clouds and heavy atmospheric pressure lingered throughout the day, clearing only in the late afternoon, around 4. BD and I took a long walk out to Robert’s Landing then and by the time we were coming home it was just plain hot. Today will be a good day to get the laundry dry and I’ve already put one load through the washer.

Since I didn’t do my Saturday Housecleaning on Saturday I’ll have to do it today. I need at least one day a week when the house has that sparkle and crispness - and with 3 dogs - sparkle melts away very fast. Other than that - nothing is planned but reading and sock knitting. I’m going down the heel flap of AS#2pB. Thought I’d be done by now. hmmm.

And maybe I’ll play a few of the games in the back of this book:

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