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Hope the wedding is wonderful! :-)

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Monday, September 18, 2006  

Thankee Missy M and Happy Birthday to you, my Virgo Sis. I’m still pretty decided that we have TooMuchStuff for the auction and will let my contribution slide till next year - when we plan to do things differently anyway.

Anonymous mentions that F’n’F is a wavy stitch - and that is exactly what I was wanting for this striped sweater. I think the waves will make the horizontal stripes a little more subtle. Besides - I once saw a sweater done that way and it’s burned into an image in my sweater memory. But that is why I’m planning on doing an EZ seamless circular sweater. No shoulder seams. There will be some deciding to do as I get up to the top. Where and how to decrease with a pattern. I’m inclining towards doing the first decrease - at 1/3 the stitches, using the old EZ formula - and just making the feathers and the fans a multiple of 4 rather than 6. (or 12 rather than 18) That first decrease takes a sweater up to your shoulder bones - almost to boatneck or wide scoop height. From that point on I believe I’ll stop doing the F’n’F lace and knit something more solid. That’s a pivotal point for weight and support. I think solid knit fabric will give the sweater a little more structural support. I wouldn’t worry if this were a light thing made of mohair. It’s not. These yarns are mostly fiber rich wool twists. I don’t want the sweater to stretch or sag at the shoulders.

Speaking of that wavy F’n’F stitch at shoulder seams - Lily Chin wrote a wonderful article about knitting little short rows in the dips of that stitch and flattening it out. It’s in one of the Knitters back issues - probably not earlier than 2000. Looked like a lot of work to me, sort of like entrelac with holes. I can’t imagine choosing to do that much work but one never knows when the urge to do something tedious and fiddly and demanding will strike.

Swatching in the round with stripes is a challenge. 41 stitches are not enough to fit on a large circular needle and these 16 inchers have such short shanks my wrist got pretty tired as I switched to color # 4. That one is the Classic Elite’s Waterspoun in a cantaloupe gold and it’s the one I have the most of. The seed stitch edging is nice - I’m less sure of the seed stitch underarm band - but only because when I get up to the sleeve joins that seed stitch may look a bit odd. I can deal with it in 2 ways - I can make it stockinet - this is just a swatch sleeve. It can be ripped out. Or I can put a band of seed stitch up the sides of the sweater itself so that it will match the underarm seam seed stitch band.

Don’t you just love adjectives?

I’m still working out color sequences and stripe widths. Most of the stripes are 6 rows deep, but with the single skeins of yarn I’ll probably make 4 row repeats, while with the Waterspun I’ll do an 8 row repeat with something fancy in the last 2 rows.

So far, I can’t really get gauge, either stitch or row. Wavy rows on fewer than 50 stitches knit in the round ... hard to flatten that one out. It turns out I’m using #8 needles. I will probably get 4 spi and it looks like 6 rpi, but we’ll have to wait and see. Besides, I haven’t used all the yarns yet. It’s certainly interesting and challenging knitting at the moment. Too bad it must be set aside the rest of the week. But it’s too interesting and challenging to try to work on while the rest of this week unfolds. I’ll save it as my treat for next Sunday.

In the mean time, there was a vital message in Mr.Horroscope’s advice to me for this week:

Sometimes, we have to experiment. It is the only way we can find out how we truly feel about something or someone.

Yep yep yep. I could only experiment. I can’t fail. Yep yep yep. I can only learn. So get me through this learning week, dear lord.

Today my dearest next sister down is getting married to a simply wonderful man who thinks gifts come from jewelry stores. We are driving up at crack-0-dawn plus an hour or so - probably smack into rush hour traffic - so I can help mama get ready for the ceremony. It ought to be an easy drive though, for no one has a better relationship with TheWeddingFairy than I. I’ve already issued her a gilt edged invitation. The day shall be pure bliss. May yours be too.

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