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I, too, like violent weather. Took some pictures yesterday and posted them on the blog. Nothing prize-winning, but I'm glad I documented it.

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Saturday, September 02, 2006  

Oh - What a surprise silver lining you can sometimes find in a dark hurricane cloud! With so many people out of power, my creaky old dial-up access is working pretty well!

Ernesto punctuated my week with all sorts of bluster. I’d been out of the office for 3 days and this is already a 3 day weekend, so I really felt I should go in to survey the condition of my desk. What I forgot to do was consider if my brain would be capable of doing anything at all, besides marvel at the wind and shiver as the trees danced outside my office window. Nope - it couldn’t. A wild crazy storm always infects me with a giddy thrill. All that power, on display, reminding us that the universe is enormous and wonderful and we get to be a part of it. The river was up over the highway at Mt. Landing Creek and only one lane was open across Marina Creek (really Tignor’s Creek but nobody knows it by that name).

Though I’d been gone several days there was only one phone message and one e-mail that needed immediate attention. My job is a lot like being a housewife and mother of toddlers. There is always work to do - work that never really gets done - work you must be ready to put down the moment a child / a patron needs your personal attention. Frequently, said work actually has to be finished by a deadline - but that is only so that you can begin it once again: annual reports, 5-year plans, summer reading clubs - none of it ever ends. I suspect we’re trying to be a steady state system - bizarre, isn’t it?

Anyway, the advantage of work that never gets done is that you can put it aside anytime and do it - tomorrow - at Tara. As the storm worsened, I decided the library should remain closed. We open at 1 on Fridays anyway, but by then no lanes were open across Marina Creek and I suspect I was one of the last cars through before they closed it. But before going home BH and I and little L went around town looking at the river as it climbed up the ancient colonial streets, lapping at cars foolishly left below the high water mark and tickling the stoop of the old customs house. Those two share my passion for wild weather and we splashed bare feet in a primitive storm dance. Then we went and had warm comfort food at Lowery’s Restaurant; soup, hot rolls, hot tea ... ahhhh.

I got home around 2 to find the power out. Happily, I keep lamp oil on hand for just these occasions. Still, we ate at 5 and went to bed early to snuggle with books and each other. Alas, my 50 year old eyes don’t read in kerosene light as well as my 25 year old eyes once did. The storm winds continued till around 1 or 2 a.m. The quiet woke us. BD opened the window and an owl heralded the departure of wind and storm. Only a little misty rain continued to fall, certainly not enough to keep night creatures from their routines. The power was still off but we talked softly into the darkness, trying to remember the names of all the people we went to music school with back in 1971 and 2.

Around 5 o’clock the lights came back on - every light in the house, it seemed, and I got up to clean up the kitchen. The lawn is littered with leaves and sticks. I don’t suppose any trees came down on our lane, but we won’t know till we drive out - which we must do for I have to go check on the library. Before I left town yesterday I found a piece of gutter in the yard next to us - not in the direction the wind was blowing, and I checked around the building looking for any gaps - but I was really too distracted to see anything. Also - a leak developed in one of the duct vents. I don’t think it’s roof damage - I think wind blew the water in there - but I don’t want to wait till Tuesday to find out I was wrong.

Woops! More breeze just blew up. What could that be?

I had thought, yesterday, to write about seasons and how there are weather seasons and life seasons and for some people, autumn’s slow down comes to both their environment and their lives. The visit with my parents was a little longer than I had planned. There were some little things I could do around the house to help my folks and besides, my niece was still with them and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of 3 generations being together for a little visit. I got in some good knitting time, but I didn’t finish AS#2pB. I am at the heel flap though and I found some lovely brown self-striping Regia at the Knitting Basket, where I also purchased my very first Rowan book ... I forget the # - it’s an older issue - with an article about sewing in sleeves. That’s the real reason I bought it. It also had the most designs I would consider knitting. If I ever get done with knitting socks, that is.

Happy Labor Day weekend to you all. I hope to be back posting more regularly now.

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