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Howdy! Just dropped in (since I am now able to with my new satellite service) to give you a virtual hug.

Looking forward to FFF!

xxoo Jen

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006  

Nurture an open mind. Soon, you'll know which ideas you're better off without and you'll also know which ones you definitely need. The latter will be the ones that refuse to go away, regardless of how much chance you give them. Don't try to seize control of the future. Loosen your grip. You are holding on too tightly to certain rigid expectations and assumptions. The outcome of your current drama will be a much better one than you think... provided, that is, you don't think too much!

How I love Mr.Horoscope. He always comes up with just the reminder I need when I begin to start twisting my knickers. The library auction has gone together up to this point so well it seems almost too easy. So - of course I am starting to obsess that we won’t get enough people to come bid on all the items we’ve gathered. Ticket sales are the issue now and I am getting anxious about that. So - I shall do 2 things. First of all I’ll give it up to the universe and let them sell - but second of all, I’ll take a stroll downtown and peddle tickets at all the local businesses this next week. In addition to that I’m going to see if I can rope in a real estate friend of mine, who is extraordinarily social, in a circle I don’t play with, to sell some for me. And after that I’m just going to relax.

There were only 3 of us at knitters last night - not that this group is all that big - there are 5 die hard regulars and 2 fairly regular knitters I usually see at Tuesday night knitters but September is always such a strange month. Labor Day throws everybody off schedule. In fact, I was the only one with knitting, for my knitting buddies were all in between projects. I, alas, knit the whole toe of the AS#2 starting with 30 stitches on one needle and 26 in the other. Well, I’ll finish it up tonight and make up my knitting basket for the auction.

Typical of life, the next 10 days are packed as full as any 3 people could want. Monday is GD’s birthday and my sister’s wedding. Both are private events but extremely important. Next Thursday is my birthday, which we all know is of paramount importance to me, and Saturday is the Library Auction. GD is opening her photography studio the next day, Sunday afternoon. When it all screeches to a halt (for me on Saturday about 11 o’clock) I plan to really kick back. I’m taking the whole week off and reserving at least half of those days for complete immersion into self-ness, navel gazing and room walking. One trip to Charlottesville and Stony Mountain Fibers. Not much else. Let us hope the days will be mild and bright with no equinautical storms.

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