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Saturday, September 23, 2006  

I’ve barely had a moment to look around the net world this week, what with 3 mornings when I had to be out of the house by 7 after tossing and turning through the night with my brain whizzing over all the TTD that I’d forgotten to list. I don’t have a crack-0-dawn schedule today but I do have to go in to work and continue getting things ready for TheAuction. The program, which probably still has omissions and which I plan to print onto large mailing label stickers and slap on the back, needs to be photocopied and stapled. It ought to have been done yesterday. It would have if I hadn’t had Stops and Starts and Stops and Starts, as foretold by Mr.Horoscope. Eh. Such is life. I think I’m pretty cool with it now.

So. What’s left on the TTD List? Let’s see.

1. Get final list of items Friday a.m. (HA! stuff will still be coming in today, I bet!
2. Call TG, AA, SB and son about moving things from storage to site
3. Give maintenance man final table count - and move tables from library
4. Get those tables from St. Johns (call K-Set up for 4 o’clock. Send husky man to help)
5. Get 2 husky fellows to move television from J’s house to auction site
6. Finish up auction program-worked on it-see #1 above
7. Renumber auction items to spread best items throughout auction
8. Make up Silent Auction sheets - after above is done - give to staff

9. Make up index cards for renumbered items
10. Make up nice cards or envelopes for gift certificates
11. Supervise moving everything from storage to auction site
12. Ditto setting out items for auction - but there are 4-6 folk to do that, and I’m not a control freak
13. Explain duties to 2 St. Mags girls doing the Vana White bit
14. Be sure some of the husky men will still be there to load the few heavy items for people.
15. Have fun at the Spaghetti Supper and Auction
16. Supervise closing up shop
17. Skip out the door with glee - I’ll be on VACATION

Whew. Still sounds like a lot - but I just have to trust it will all happen and accept with grace any surprises that come along.

But, before I go in to work and finish up all those last untidy bits, I’m going to take a stroll through blogland and catch up on my friends.

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