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Dearest Bess,
While I adore all your posts, I particularly love Mr. Horoscope's tho'ts for us Virgos.
Thank you for posting it & thank you doubly for thinking of me. I am so happy to be on the other side of the summer of 2006 ^..^
Glad you all came through the stormy weather intact - hope the canoe did too.
Hugs to you, BD, the LDs & the puppers.

By Blogger Martha, at 11:46 AM  

If you got the recipient a pair of those novelty "light-up" needles, that would really make a swell basket! :-)

By Blogger Mary, at 8:40 PM  

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Monday, September 04, 2006  

If life were not sometimes difficult, it would be meaningless. If there were no such thing as struggle, we would never appreciate success. If we lived in a world without conflict, we would take peace completely for granted. Three cheers, then, for stress, hardship and difficulty. What a wonderful service it does for us all. Lately, though, it has made more than enough of an impact on your appetite for simplicity, comfort and ease. Now, it's time to experience some of that - and to appreciate it.

I read this message from Mr.Horoscope and I think first of Margaret, who is adjusting to life after the great loss of a beloved, and then of M, who, today, says adieu to a double work load she’s been carrying all summer. Of course, this couldn’t apply to me, since we all know that my stress load is the normal stress load, right?

(ahh for a smiley face icon)

In fact, I have been working on adjusting my stress issues lately, because I suspect that I tend to dig up stress and put it on like make-up every morning. Totally stupid behavior sprung from some mistaken idea that if I am already suffering, a good universe couldn’t possibly add to my misery, right? huh? right? Hence all those spiritual books - because one thing I do know - I always act based upon what I believe is true. If I’m right - life is so easy . If my beliefs are wacko - so is my life.

But in an effort to de-stress my life I am seriously considering making up a knitting basket for the Friends of the Library auction with some cute big needles, (have to buy those) and some stash balls of novelty yarn I have, the AS#2, which are almost done, yippeee!!! and a coupon redeemable for 3 private knitting lessons - to learn the fair isle hat. hmmm. Yes. I have extra baskets around the house. Tons of extra yarn. Just need to get some extra needles. Shopping instead of knitting! Knitting on demand, that is. I hate knitting on demand. Besides, that means I could begin my Old Shale Stash Sweater. Oooooo! Now that’s a stress free thought.

May your Labor Day be full of stress free thoughts.

from TheQueen, who’s castle sparkles.

posted by Bess | 8:14 AM