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Amen -- crisp autumn weather -- bring it on!

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006  

The decision is made. I’m motoring down the toe of AS#2 and I don’t want to knit another sock right now. Instead I shall make up a knitting basket to put in the auction that includes the socks, needles, the yarn I purchased to make the next pair of socks and a coupon for 3 sock knitting classes. I figure I have to give away that sock yarn because keeping it would violate the No New Yarn oath. Too bad, since it’s guy colored sock yarn and BD, like the cobbler’s children, is going barefoot, or at least, hand knit sockless. But an oath is an oath. If my copy of Cat Bordi’s book is fresh and new enough looking I’ll include that too. Maybe some fluffy yarn too since I have enough of that to last a lifetime.

I am so ready to start knitting that stash sweater.

It’s raining right now. More rain we do not need, but one ought never reject rain unless it’s flooding. We’ve had the nicest growing season this year - the longest stretch of dry weather we had was those last 3 weeks in August - well after the late beans were up, though they were stressing a little. I heard one combine, over on the island, growling away all day yesterday, though it was a dank sort of day with a white sky. Laundry hung out on Sunday afternoon never really did get dry - it’s spread all over the guest room at the moment.

Happily and hopefully I cling to that maxim: Rain before seven, quit by eleven.

In case you are wondering how either HeyBaby, Bella or KittyBoy are doing - ahh well. They are all swollen with damp and moisture. They are tenderly dusted each week but none of them are being put to any serious tasks. It seems I can concentrate on only so much fiber at a time and the joy and energy I bring to fiberwork shrivels in direct relation to the importance and nearness of any deadlines attached. Knitting socks to order has been a little like doing holiday knitting - something I have completely sworn off. I play with fiber to please me and having to do it for others, well heck, having to do anything suddenly stops it being play.

Never fear though - after Sept. 23 I am going on vacation and plan to play with my toys all week long. I want to spin some cotton - and that beautiful mohair I dyed last July at B's house. Let us hope the equinoctial storms have passed through and left crisp autumn weather and my wheels will have had a chance to dry out.

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