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I'm am getting more and more excited about next week as the days progress! Yippee! Can't wait to see your sweater in progress! I'd love to watch you knit a round or two, just for the lesson of it....

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Saturday, September 30, 2006  

Ahh that sweet honeymoon stage of sweater knitting. That’s where I am. Where no tiny attention is too minute to give, where each little flaw is lovingly considered and either accepted as part of the charm of it all, or delicately rearranged into something more perfect - since it is the honeymoon stage and we’re already at perfect.

Let me bask here while I may. There are still over 50,000 stitches to go on this sweater. There will be time enough for disillusionment, frustration and negotiation. In the mean time, I will say these happy or true things:

* The yarn is fun to knit with, soft and pleasant.
* It’s so loosely plied it feels a bit like handspun yarn.
* It splits ever so slightly on my Addi Turbos, so think long and hard before you buy KP’s own sharper tipped needles to knit this sweater.
* The color changes come just when you’re getting a little tired of blue and red.
* Pay attention to your own advice - for it is a lonely long thing to tink back to correct 80 blips in a black row because you forgot to knit into the purl stitches when you changed colors!! And this after you’d just advised other knitters to “purl when you can”!
* Colorwork is lots more fun with thinner yarn on smaller needles.

I’ve 8 more sets of purl stitches to switch to knit and then I can start on the orange and green rounds. I would never have done this repair if I weren’t still madly in love with my New Project. I would have just shrugged and explained that those little red blips were intended to look like topstitching (?!?) and then tried to remember to make similar blips when I cast on the button band.

Today we’re off to a happy wedding. It’s in Richmond so that means I have several hours to knit on my pretty. Well, it means a whole lot more than that, but I’m still in knit-talk mode. Please forgive.

Tomorrow is a free open day, almost the last day of my vacation. Certainly the last day I could just do nothing all day long. And really I ought not do nothing. There are a few chores that I will try to clear away.

Monday I get to go be well dressed wife of ImportantHusband at fabulous historical location. It’s at 10 a.m. and a 2+ hours drive away. Early morning things always make me laugh when I think of IH getting out of bed for them. He will. He’ll even fool you that he’s awake. He shan’t be, of course. But his auto pilot works amazingly well.

Tuesday I actually have to go back to work. But I never plan for anything remotely work-like on that first day back. I’ll move piles of paper on my desk from one corner to another. I’ll greet my staff and chat with them about any surprises that cropped up while I was gone. (since I didn’t actually leave town, had there been anything serious, I’d have been called.) Just before lunch, M is coming for a digital camera adoption ceremony as she releases her old camera to my custody. We’ll take pictures and have lunch and talk knitting. And I will show her around my little town.

Wednesday is ... well, Wednesday is story hour day, right?

Thursday is ordinary work day. Friday I’ll be in Chesterfield, telling stories. And on the weekend it’s the Fall Fiber Festival. Whew! What a week, hmm? Sounds like fun. Hope yours is too.

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