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Thanks for the heads up, Dear Bess! I walk (almost) every day, knitting as I go (usually sox) will have to take care this week not to trip and damage hands and/or feet!

We have a balmy (!) 5C this a.m.!!! (That's about 41F for those not on metric.) So I knit and walk with a jacket on, for sure. However, the Weather People have promised 20C+ today (high 60's, low 70s) and warmer -- as high as 30C -- 86F -- by Tuesday.

But in case you're wonderin' -- no snow. ;-)

By Blogger Margaret, at 9:57 AM  

Dearest Bess,
I too love the cooler weather & especially living in the big city, oh my, it gets bad here. How I long for the country air - to be away from this much car induced smog & pollution.
Calgon, take me away!
Until then or at least when I take myself away, I will relish this great sleeping weather as my g'mother would say.

By Blogger Martha, at 8:57 PM  

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Saturday, August 05, 2006  

What is that whirling flurry you see? That swift, fragrant, musical swish stirring the air about you? Nothing less than TheQueen, doing the happy dance as the humidity snaps and the temperature moderates, leaving the air dry, the house feeling clean and HerHighness full of energy. Thank you Thank you Thank you oh Weather Gods.

What sweetness it is to walk barefoot across cool tile floors, to pull a light cotton blanket up over your shoulders in the night, to fling open windows to exchange the still, closed, but cooler air for fresh moving breezes. What pleasure it is to have skin that doesn’t glue itself to every surface it touches, to let hot breathed dogs back into the house again, to gaze across fields that aren’t blurry with humidity, to look up at sky that is blue, not white. The satisfaction of hanging clothes on a line and knowing they will fully dry is as sweet as the summer fruit salad you’re willing to eat on the back porch once again, instead of having to confine your meals to the dark north east corner of the house with a fan on full blast.

When you live in the weather, it has deep, physical power for you. You can discern each little nuance of movement, moisture and temperature. Weather matters when you submerse yourself in it. Think of camping trips. Think of vacations at the beach. All those times and places when you are outdoors at least as much as you are indoors. Remember how much it mattered to you when you were little and a rainy day could ruin a weekend faster than losing your skate key. Ha! Think of skate keys!

That is the state of TheQueen right now. She has just found her key and plans to take full advantage of it. She expects to sit in each room of her house this weekend, enjoying the pleasure of movement, the joy of a different view, and the comfort of wide open windows on a beautiful summer day.

After she cleans the rugs that is.

The weather dot com guys had been promising us days in the 80’s earlier this week, but they’ve revised it up to the low 90’s now. It’s a good joke when I can get this happy over 90 degrees. If only it will stay semi-dry next weekend I promise to take the rest of August’s weather with silent stoicism. Next weekend we’ll have house guests and I would love to have this fresh energetic feeling while they’re visiting.

Knitting progress was 2 more rounds of Auction Sock #1. I’m still k2p2-ing away on it. My hands have been hurting just a tad; definitely too much typing at the keyboard this week. And for my Virgo sisters and brothers, heads up:

You will also be prone to mishaps with your health this month, so it might not be the best time for extreme sports. Try to be extra careful, especially with your feet (in other words, watch where you walk) and with hands (protect them if you type a great deal.)

Well - why does this not surprise me? Dearies, take care.

Yesterday I had to hold down the fort alone and it was quite a busy 5 hours - at thate same rate of being helpful to 1 person every 4 minutes. Happily, nobody needed to fill out a job application, but still and all - that’s a lot of nice. I’ll be even nicer today when I go in On My Day Off to give another library's building committee a tour and pep-talk about the Building Project Experience.

And I really will rent the rug doctor and I really will hit the gym and I really will have a squeaky clean house for company next week. And maybe ... I really will knit some on that sock.

Savor your weather. It’s sure to change soon. Dance with abandon!

posted by Bess | 7:35 AM