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I remember the days before I owned a computer, in the mid-1990's and I'd go to the library and use theirs, and half the time the internet connection was down, and of course the library staff didn't know how to fix it. Frustrating. I was lucky to have anything to use at the time, I guess. I definitely sympathize with the folks applying for jobs. Is there a Virginia Employment Commission office near there you could refer them to?

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Friday, August 04, 2006  

Total knitting content: 4 rounds of Auction Sock #1.

Not good, but at least it’s something. It’s Socka Fortissima in a mid-hue greysih green and I haven’t yet decided what sort of pattern I’ll use on it. I ripped the new KnitPick needles out of that Lorna’s Lace sock to start it - 60 stitches in k2p2 rib for 1.5 inches (since this will be the man’s sock) and probably then a simple k5p1 or k4p2 rib down the cuff.

There’s no serious deadline on this - End of August is good enough, so long as I have both pair done. And if I get really determined to start on that lace sweater - well - then you’ll know that it’s cooled off enough to want to knit anything bigger than a sock.

My spinning is idling as well. I get home pretty bleached out emotionally and once dinner is fixed I don’t feel much like doing anything else. There’s just nothing you can do in such a summer heat meltdown. Work is frantically busy and gets more so each day as people seek a cool place to hole up. We are averaging one person coming into the library every 4 minutes. Some of them don’t even need that much attention - they know their way around the library and it takes about 60 seconds to check out any given patron’s stack of books. But others - and we’re seeing more of these poor souls all the time - are coming in wanting to use a computer (for the first time other than to play Sego or Atari) to apply on-line for a minimum wage job.

FoodLion, TheGap, Army/Navy, Mary Washington Hospital - more and more these places will only accept on-line applications. “Go to to apply” It’s very distressing to me to watch and it’s enormously time consuming for us. First off, these guys don’t know how to type. They don’t have an email address (a requisite for all applications). They’re using the library computers because they don’t own one. They haven’t thought of a login name and password. They’re using a computer so they didn’t think to bring in paper or pencil to write down whatever they finally come up with that yahoo or hotmail doesn’t reject. The average time spent by these marginal people on applying to be a night stockman at FoodLion is about 90 minutes - if they were lucky enough to come in on a quiet day when we didn’t have a long line of people wanting to use the computers. Best try to hit us at 10 a.m. and not on a Wednesday, when we’re busy with kiddy programs.

Library staff has gotten pretty skilled at finding their way around the IMS, the IRS, VDOT, the DMV, all the freebie e-mail services, and most personnel pages for the major chain websites. I realize this is a serious transition from the manual to the digital age, a parallel to the transition from the oral to the literate age, but it’s hard watching the least able make this shift - or not, if the line of patrons waiting to use a computer grows too long. So far I haven’t had to put anyone off a computer half way through a job application - but it’s going to happen one day and oh, that will be sad. A great pivot for some depressing German film noire, that will be. Ahh well. Art is all around us.

Happily, it’s Friday and even if I’m still having to be nice every 8 minutes (figuring I’ll split the niceness with the one other employee working today) I don’t really have anything else I have to do. I’m trying to whittle down several piles of paper that have blossomed on my desk and credenza but that sort of work is like all other housework - eternal, and therefore, easy to postpone. The only reason I’m doing it at all is so that I will have a clean peaceful place to create more.

We are promised, by the weatherdotcom guys, a bit of a break from three digit temps. I plan to rent the rug doctor this weekend in preparation for TheReunion - which is next week!!! Other than that, I’m just gonna lay low.

Good knitting to you all!

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