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I'm impressed with all your recent sock knitting. I need to get back to that. Lately, for me it's been the dishcloth, which is so fun.

I'd love to take your hat class -- is it on a weekend?

By Blogger Mary, at 11:04 PM  


Love the walk down memory lane - as a life-long Virginian and a Richmonder for more than 20 years, I miss hearing "Po' White".

By way of introduction, I took the drop-spindle class with you at the Spring Fiber Festival.


By Blogger Lisa, at 8:56 AM  

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006  

There are 5 inches of sock cuff on Auction Sock #1. It looks an awful lot like a woman’s sized sock, but I’ll try it on BD before I knit the foot. It’s on 60 stitches, which usually fits a man, but this Socotta (sp.? not looking at the ball band) is very thin yarn. Obviously, if this is AS#1 there is a pair of AS#2 in the plan. I've committed to 2 pair of socks for the library auction. This stuff I'm knitting is fine for a plain old ordinary sock for a woman, but not very exciting. I’d rather knit something flashy for a woman. I know my audience and in Essex, men won’t wear much beyond plain blue or black with just a tad bit of the other dark neutral colors.

My daddy always wore bright red socks. I asked him about it once. He taught tax law at the local university’s night school law program. These students were adults, with 40 hour jobs already and family obligations to boot. They came to class already tired and likely stressed out. He said his flashing red ankles really helped keep his students awake. Clever fellow, my dad.
Neither of my guys want socks that keep you awake. I suspect no one else around here does either. So sober socks these AS#1’s are going to be. Unless they are too small, in which case I will break down - buy some sober men’s sock yarn in something quicker to knit up, like Regia, and put it down to charity, not vow breaking. I have plenty of interesting fun girlie sock yarn in the stash.

The new KnitPicks catalog came today and I am absolutely flummoxed by a manufacturing decision they’ve made. For all that they’ve put this enormous effort into creating their own brand of knitting needles, they have manufactured no needles on which you can knit a hat. The shortest cable on their interchangeable needles is 24". Even my head is too small for a needle that long. There are no double points or traditional circular needles in sizes larger the a three. (3.25) What an utterly stupid thing to do! Too bad for me too, since I am starting up classes in September and I always provide the needle for my beginners - a 16" size 7 needle - and teach them with a hat pattern. Sigh. Ahh Well. Guess I will be stuck with mail order Inox. Hmmmm. Think I’ll go check out Elann.Com.

The summer is whipping through my fingers like a mooring line come undone in a hurricane. I suddenly realized that if I want to start teaching again in September I have to have my classes all lined up and advertised NOW. That’s how I plan to spend my lunch break today.

With no other news, and a decidedly "all my guests have gone and my heart feels empty" sigh I believe I shall go knit a round or two on that sock.

Good knitting, then - or good planning. Most of all - good day.

posted by Bess | 7:36 AM