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Well, good for you and all your productive introspection. Looking forward to hearing (or reading) all about it someday.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006  

Still in that ‘workin’ on it’ stage with the old inner direction stuff - not yet ready to talk about it but finding enough positive results to keep me going back for more. Juggling duties and commitments, old wants and new desires is certainly the human state, but sometimes, making a shift, especially a deliberate shift, sort of dries up the loquacity. I just don’t feel flowingly linguistic.

Just know that things are good here - reeeeeealy good - if not fireworks blastoff ka-boom good - nor literarily good either ... yet. Just feel that smile on my face as it blossoms.

Sticky heat leapt back into Virginia (whole east coast, I believe) yesterday, making even my fresh clean sparkling house feel a little close. We are promised relief soon - I hope it takes the form of rain, since my grass is crisping beneath a relentlessly cloudless sky. Tough as this is, though, somehow it doesn’t feel so despairing this year. We did get good rains when we really needed them - when the corn was tasseling, for example - so there will be a crop and a little dry weather in August means the combines can roll a little sooner. Still and all, if there are any thunderstorms scattered about today, I hope one lands on my front yard.

Tonight is knitters night - though I wonder who will even feel like coming out to knit. I will, of course, and C and L and if only three show up it’s still sweet. I am going to take my Auction Sock and the little sleeve swatch of feather ‘n fan in all those odd lot yarns. Nothing impressive, but proof that There Is Knitting in August.

Take care. Stay cool.

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