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Tuesday, August 22, 2006  

Operating under the assumption that even the minutia of my life is of value, I am putting in this wee tad bit of a post.

I knit 6 rows of the heel flap on AS#2.

Then, true to MissLoquacity’s inescapable nature, I will tell you that I also switched to the #2 KnitPicks needles because I’d knit this sock cuff on 56 stitches which is just a little loose for a woman’s (my) ankle yet a little tight for a man’s (BD’s). So this will be a woman’s scrunchy sock with a nice snug foot.

And I will tell you also that K, my niece, the only girl grandchild on my side of the family, has gone back to the city with my sister P, and her L. But not before we had a rollicking time with a boat ride, complete with a Lab, Socks the pseudo lab, a Priss-dog and a fashion accessory Pomeranian, up to see the cliff where the Powhatans shot at John Smith in 1608, on his way up to Fredericksburg. There was a stop at the swimming beach, a return at low tide - so low we had to toss the dogs in the marsh, rendering them unfit for human petting, while the rest of us stood on the engine well. There were no human mishaps, fortunately, and we got back up to the house to find LD and his dogs. So there were 6 humans and 7 dogs in the yard, but only the puffball got to come indoors. She was not tossed into the marsh, btw.

I will also tell you that we laughed and talked into the night with nary a whisper of gossip about any of our kith or kin. And GD joined us in time for a brief visit before everyone had to leave. And when I bid all goodnight or good-bye, the house was empty and soft and dark and quiet. And cool. And sleep came swiftly to blanket the mind with dreams so bizarre and exotic as to be worth staying in bed for.

And I’ll just mention that today I have 2 big meetings and tomorrow I am taking L and her mom to the city to play (and maybe pick up some more Regia for a second stab at AS#1) and Thursday I’ll be off with BD to become MoreHealthy and that involves lots of time spent as a passenger in a car .... Will she finish that AS#2 sock? Let us hope so. There are 3 more to go after that.

It’s a busy time. These are the sort of days that fill up that space between TheReunion and Labor Day. Days you thought were going to be sort of do-nothing-ish and turn out to be fuller than all of July put together. Not momentous. Not deeply thoughtful. Not literary. Just busy.

I just thought you’d all like to know.

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