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There was a special on PBS recently about great ice cream around the country, and Carl's was featured! I never knew it existed before, but now know that I must stop there next time I'm in F'burg! :-)

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Sunday, August 20, 2006  

It’s 7:30 and the sky has that white grey cast that bespeaks rain. My only complaint about a rainy day is that my floors need mopped and not only do they become dingier looking on rainy days, but they also never dry then. Eh. If that’s all I have to fuss about, my life is pretty durn good. Which it is!

I picked up my niece at the train station in Fredericksburg. There was just the sweetest bit of a wait while I talked to strangers and we mused about how to know if the train would be on time or if it might be late and if so, how late. Next stop was to treat K to some of Carl’s Frozen Custard - the best you can buy along the whole eastern seaboard. Carl’s is only open 10 months of the year - which makes it all the more precious. There is always a line at Carl’s but it moves so fast you don’t really mind standing there, contemplating the wonderful treat you’re about to savor. Carl still makes Malteds.

A stop at Sneed’s vegetable stand revealed another treat! Organic beef, no hormones, no antibiotics! And the grower is just across the river from Port Royal - so when the vegetable stand closes after Labor Day I can still get a supply. The Sneed’s corn was its usual sweet self but alas, he was out of tomatoes. Fortunately, Cupper was still open at 5:30 and I stocked up on them. I don’t have to go to town again till Monday, no matter how much company does or does not show up today.

We sat late on the porch catching up on family and on K’s life in Seattle before she and BD wandered off into a tortuous meander through the linguistics of the Germanic tongues. At that point I wandered off myself - to bed and a deep sleep, disturbed only by the faint whiff of skunk. Thank goodness it was just passing through, because all my dogs are house quality fragrant this morning.

I think I’ve figured out how to fit all my knitting classes into an already crowded autumn. It will mean one night class and one Saturday class. Here’s hoping the fill up nicely because I need the $ for spending on fiber fun.

No knitting or spinning yesterday - maybe today.

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