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Thursday, August 24, 2006  

The girlie-girl day in the city was a blast. Of course, the term girl is relative. Our combined age came to 204 and 11 months. And BD would question the term city too, since the closest we got to actual city limits was the airport in Sandston.... which is in Henrico County.

"Semantics!" I scoff. And pure fun it was. L is one of the people I can get all Rod Serlingish (do do do do do do do do) with - heck - she’s my mentor when it comes to energy work. I can say all the weird things I want to her and she either listens and nods or offers more weirdness. This is good. Ordinary life requires entirely too much beige. We spent the whole day beaming and laughing with glee at the results.

I didn’t have any agenda yesterday, other than to have a good time, but all the past week I’d been seeing, in my mind's eye, this one shopping section along Rt. 1 in Hanover so that’s where we headed. L didn’t know the area well enough to tell me where she wanted to go and I don’t think she really had any specific goal in mind either, so I just pointed the car down Spring Hill Road, just up from Broaddus’ Flats, spouting Virginia history tidbits along the way. “That’s where Latane was killed - you know? in the burial of Latane?” “That’s where R G Haile lead Mrs. Lee across the Chicahominy” “See why trains never got to Tappahannock? Used to be you had to take a wagon to West Point if you wanted to take a train anywhere.”

We weren’t aiming for any cool, cute, out of the way places. We wanted Circuit City and Barnes & Nobel and oh, someplace with good salads for lunch. But taking L shopping is soooo much fun. She truly shops only once a year - when she leaves the island. She’s ready to be pleased with everything. You can’t help being up around someone who’s thrilled to pick up spiral notebooks or CD’s in the music section, but if Circuit City happens to have that little Sony recorder with the audio character recognition software included, well, you get to watch Christmas in August.

It was hard to say good-bye at the hotel, after a laughter filled dinner at one of those airport restaurants. I’ve always been very fond of L. We have a real bond that’s grown over the years into true affection. But her visits in the past have been packed with family events and our contact has been fairly brief. This year we spent more time together and the parting left much more of an emptiness. The drive back home, across landscape we’d traversed earlier in the day, had a soft quietness to it. There was traffic on the road all the way to Tappahannock so that it wasn’t till I was on the long stretch north of town before I had a dark night all to myself. I won’t see L for a whole year. But I know that when I see her at the airport next August we’ll just pick up the conversation and the laughter and go on as if it had been only a few weeks.

Friendship is just that way.

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