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Well, hon, I'll miss you! I wish your computer a speedy recovery and your parents and absolutely wonderful, special anniversary.


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Wednesday, July 05, 2006  

With BD’s permission, the computer goes to the computer hospital today. I may not get much chance to post for a while. I’m sure it’ll be there a good long time and this weekend I’ll be dogsbody for my sister, who is throwing a 60th anniversary party for our parents. 100 friends and family have sent acceptances so it’ll be quite a bash. This sister only recently moved back to VA after decades on the west coast. She’s the one who inherited the worker bee skills of our Dad. She, alone, also inherited the housekeeping skills of our Mom. She doesn’t have to Clean The Pit - she does a constant vigilance and it never becomes a pit. If she weren’t so durn nice I’d be wickedly jealous. Instead, she is nice and it’ll be a delight to help her with last minute details.

Yesterday I did almost absolutely nothing. BD and I lay about working the Sunday crossword puzzle and the quote acrostic till about noon. Then he went out to do his sentence work on his boat and I lay about some more, reading a bit, spinning a bit, drifting a lot. We had no guests, no plans, no responsibilities, and I took full advantage of that. Now and then I’d think “Really, Queenie, you ought to go outdoors and swim or something,” but I quashed those thoughts as fast as they poked up their heads. I wanted to rest! And watch the “I can’t believe it’s not butter” scene from Vicar of Dibbley.

My stubborn clinging to vacating all adult responsibilities and sinking into adolescent sloth had as much to do with needing down time as with avoiding the personal banking and bookkeeping I must do this morning. It’s always so much fun when I do this for the library and it’s always so dreadful when have to do it for myself. I guess that’s because it’s my money then. There’s judgment attached to each expenditure. Anyway - I can’t escape it now and must be off to make all good with the ledger books.

Bella relaxed enough yesterday for me to spin a tad on the Romeldale and HeyBaby has almost a full bobbin of cormo/mohair singles spun at about 30 wpi. I knit not a stitch on the LL sock and two balls of yarn from the stash began singing a siren song to me. A ball of Dune and something luscious and rich by Rowan wish to get married and form a hat. Hey - who am I to stand in the way of true love?

The heat has moderated a tad - we got another lovely storm in the night - the forecast for the weekend is 80’s. Ought to be a pretty nice couple of days. I’ll post when I can.

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