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This loyal subject is dying to see the perfect hat of which Her Royal Highness writes. Of course, it would certainly aide Her Royal Highness' efforts if she owned a device that recorded images digitally.

And so this loyal subject must get off her lazy caboose, get her act together and deliver to Her Royal Highness said promised digital device.

Perhaps tomorrow, at Tara.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006  

She knits too!

She does. Really. She even finishes things every once in a while. She has finished that hat made out of Rowan (something or other) and Trendsetter Dune. She didn’t rip it out after all. She decided to try it on, with the 5 inch deep fold-up brim knit in a deep, broken rib stitch, still unseamed. First she tried it with the open edges in the back - and the corners flared out and made her look just like The Little Dutch Girl In Knitted Cap. Then she tried it with the unseamed edges parting in the front - and thought that had a definite 1930’s haute couture look - like something out of those extremely long fashion drawings found in Ladies Home Journal, when it was printed on newsprint paper instead of today’s glossy clay coated stuff.

The purpose of this hat was to make something that wouldn’t give her Hat Hair, admittedly a smaller problem now that she has a Wonderful New Short Hairstyle. The parting folds of softly ribbed fabric, deeply angled downward as the two edges flare away from each other, hug the ears but do not crush the hair. The puffy Dune yarn that makes up the crown of the hat is loosely knit so that it, too, doesn’t flatten what lies beneath. The deep brown of the brim will suit her winter coat to perfection. The slightly odd shape of the hat suits her personality in a similar pairing.

TheQueen is delighted! She loves it when a mistake turns out to be Divine Guidance. She will see if she can provide a visual of some sort ... in a day or two ... at Tara.

In her ever striving effort to KnitFromHerStash she is experimenting with some ancient Adrienne Vitadini yarn she picked up from a sale bin half a decade ago. There are 6, 48-yard balls of beige and 2 of a greyish olive green cotton boucle. Lumped together in a basket it looks as if there ought to be enough yarn to knit a tank top, but the fear is always there and the question lies unanswered... “Will She knit for a week and end up with a cotton boucle bath towel?” ... which, come to think of it - wouldn’t be an entirely useless finished object. The idea is to knit a flat body in the beige yarn up to the shoulders, but make it about 4 inches too narrow around the body, with a correspondingly wide neckline. After joining the shoulders, with the green, pick up stitches along front edge, around neck, down other front edge and knit a contrasting center stripe-with-neckband. A nice 3-needle bind-off and a tiny little armhole edging ought to complete it. Of course, all this is speculation. The concept is sound, but the engineering may be off. We shall just have to wait and see. I almost think that if TheQueen were to actually use up some stash of such antiquity, she ought to be allowed to purchase new yarn ... if she should so please.

In other areas of HerRoyalLife - our Queen presided over a massive graham cracker castle building party yesterday as part of the last week of Summer Reading Club Which Ends On Friday Yippee! There are 4 more activities and then We are done. The most fun event will be on Friday morning and Queenie plans to take a looooong lunch break with her guest, Gary Lloyd, and then come back to fritter the afternoon away on something mindless that involves chatting with patrons. She may even take the circ desk and release her staff to quiet corners.

She is also pleased to announce that TheReunionInvitations slid down the OutOfTown slot at the post office. When she first accepted responsibility for TheReunionInvitations, she managed to get them out 4 weeks ahead of the event. Each year they have fallen victim to TheProcrastinationPixie. This year ThoseInvitations will probably be hitting their respective destinations only 2 weeks before the event. TheQueen says, though, that anyone who is not aware of the date of a reunion that has been going on since the1850’s is probably not all that interested in coming anyway. Still, she has DoneHerDooty and feels all the relief she deserves.

She is now playing hostess to teenage guests who are honing their flattery skills in long dialogues with the PrinceConsort (who engineered this country party so that he could have some sailing partners). Happily, these guests are undemanding and also willing to do AllTheCooking. They’ll be AtThePalace through Thursday morning, when HizHighness will carry them home.

TheQueen will be back in the next day or so.

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