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Run, don't walk, to sign up with that wireless provider. You'll never know how you survived before you had it. Or, you might want to at least consider going to DSL, which is faster than dial-up but not as expensive as cable.

By Blogger Mary, at 1:14 PM  

Hi Bess! Had Verizon-dial up, went to Verizon-DSL - no problems. We use a wireless system in our house as we usually have up to four laptops running from time to time. I realize that none of this would be possible without a 17 year old in residence... when he graduates, it's back to letter writing...

By Anonymous Glenn across the river, at 5:45 PM  

We have Verizon DSL and love it!

By Blogger Amie, at 8:30 PM  

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Thursday, July 20, 2006  

I’m doing a little informal investigating. If you happen to use Verizon dial-up to get on-line, I’d appreciate any answers to the following questions:

Have you noticed it’s gotten much slower over the past few months?

What speed do you connect to your internet provider?
(hint - double click on the two little green monitors down in the bottom right corner. I window will pop up and give you your connect speed. Mine’s 12,000 bps)

My internet provider says Verizon is “required” to connect us at 24,000 bps. Verizon says they aren’t. All I know is that my connection is so bad most web sites time out before they can load. I overheard a couple complaining about Verizon dial-up suddenly tanking when I picked up my computer from the computer hospital last week. I’m wondering if it’s just us (po’ folk with antiquated computers in rural locations), if it’s Verizon in Virginia (a particularly unresponsive company), Verizon in general or if the internet is just so crammed with bits and bytes crashing into each other we’re just seeing the fate of all a little sooner because we’re on the bottom rung.

So. What’s it been like for you out there - my friends who still have dial-up at home? Same? Super? Suddenly sucky?

A wireless company is putting a tower up across the river in the next month. It’s radius includes my house and you can be sure - I’ll switch in a heartbeat if we can actually connect. We were planning to take that pin oak by the side door down anyway. Crossing my fingers about it all. Things are reeeeeeeealy bad here at the moment.

And thank you, Catherine,Ramona and Jane. I’m not even sure why I opened up that KRForums thread, since I already think it’s a stupid question. Too many blogs is a little like too many thoughts. Since they’re all voluntary, why should I care. Is there a moral issue attached to abundance? I should like to see the person who is wise enough to accurately winnow all the chaff from the intellectual wheat fields of the universe. Solomon? Solomonia?

Alas - though - I haven’t any fiberish news to post at all. Yesterday was my Board of Directors meeting; the day I must report to my bosses. And even though they’re great bosses and warm and willing to move things forward, I’m still “on the mat” on those quarterly BOD days. Besides, any knitting I have to do today will be of the UN version - as in unknitting or ripping out that Rowan/Trendsetter hat. I believe I’ll use my morning to spin instead.

posted by Bess | 8:29 AM