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Saturday, July 08, 2006  

The computer is back from the hospital with only an upgrade of Microsoft Explorer. At $5 it was no big deal, but it’s sad to hear that nothing is wrong - so nothing can be fixed. It’s just an ancient creaky thing and we must accept it for what it is. All good advice about getting the best computer you can afford falls upon stony ground since this machine is mostly for BD to write on. He’s very fussy about things like leads between lines and all that other moveable type printing stuff. He likes to learn something he can use. He doesn’t like to have to learn a new process for doing something he used to do perfectly well with old machinery. He has an inexhaustible fund of complaints that can flow out across the landscape and leave me depressed. I do only a wee bit of internet browsing - mostly text based stuff. I could probably turn off all graphics and get my hotmail in less than 20 minutes. For highly graphic - or large important stuff, I can just go in to work a little early and use the fast machines there. What I don’t want to do is to live with Someone as he adjusts to any new computer programs.

Also, the problem may not be with the computer. I remember some years ago BD called up Verizon-that-was and asked them to boost our phone line. I don’t remember exactly what it was that was causing the problem, but seems that long underground lines lose power as they travel beneath the soil and they need an extra power surge to make it all the way from the pole to my house. I shall ask him to pester the phone guys and see if ... over the course of time, our line has defaulted back to plain old residential service instead of the way out in the boonies farm service. Maybe that will help. Otherwise - when that wireless tower opens up in Montross I believe we’ll just have to bite that financial bullet and go for a new ISP. Twice the price but more than twice the service and half the telephone lines.


If we are within the radius.

Fingers crossed.

I’ve about another 10 minutes before I must go get ready for the anniversary party. BTW, dear hearts, thank you for the warm congratulations. M&D would have skipped the fuss - and the fun - of a party but my sister didn’t let them succumb to languidity. She did all the work - including providing the yard and location - and gave them a springtime of excitement, anticipation and duties that were engaging without being taxing. Every time I talk to mama she melts all over herself in praise for said sister and don’t you doubt it - I do too! I am so durn glad she’s here I feel just about as gooey as they do about her. She was on the west coast for 30 years and though we wrote and called, our lives barely touched. Now she’s 20 minutes from the parents and can cover all those scary emergency bases, but also provide that steady focus for people who’s bodies are restricting their choices with each passing day.

Anyway - I could say more and more and more but it would be probably too gushy. Just know that I’m sum-kinda glad about her return - so glad I’m not even jealous that she has a man who thinks that gifts come from jewelry - not hardware - stores!!

It’s been a fiberless week. I keep thinking I’m going to knit on something but I haven’t yet. I intend to start on that Rowan/Dune hat as we drive over to TheCity today - If I remember to get the needles out of my NeedleBook and if I remember to look up that rib stitch I want to use.

Be back tomorrow with real thoughts. Or not - depends on how late we stay in the city. Summer Reading Club is half over! Reunion is in 5 weeks. Then life returns to normal.

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