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The sock is beautiful, but I have to agree about the Wildfoote. It is my least favorite sock yarn ever.

By Blogger Carolyn, at 3:15 PM  

Wildfoote is crap. It's not like cotton, it's like bad, cheap wool. Good cotton is much nicer.

By Blogger Catherine, at 6:52 PM  

I bought some Wildfoote too and don't like it. I need to unload it somehow. Yarn swap here I come! ;-) That sock is gorgeous, though. Nice cuff!

By Blogger Mary, at 9:41 PM  

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006  

Whew! I am crazy busy and haven't been able to post for 2 mornings. I have been able to dabble in fiber, though. While looking for a pair of #1 needles I found them hidden in this sock!

I started these about 3 years ago - no - at least 4 years ago and never got around to finishing them. The yarn is Brown Sheep's Wildfoot and though the colors are wonderful, the yarn has little spring to it. It's a bit like knitting cotton socks. Not so much fun.

There is supposed to be a mate, but I started a pair out of Lorna's Laces with those needle. Toe up socks in a flat merino with boucle cuffs.

posted by Bess | 10:01 AM