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Well, my university has decided to give us the 3rd off as well as the 4th. Which means this week I get a five-day weekend. (I'd actually rather have the day AFTER the 4th off, to recuperate from the lost sleep I'm going to suffer as everyone and his brother in my neighborhood shoots off their "homebrew" fireworks display.)

Hm. Must remember to go up and wet the roof down this coming weekend.

By Blogger fillyjonk, at 8:42 AM  

If you don't like the fit of the short row heel, I do another (toe-up) that is quite close to the cuff-down heel flap. Let me know.


By Blogger Amie, at 2:10 PM  

I don't know how anyone survives a Virginia summer without A/C. Yikes!
You're right about the humidity - my windows are now swollen enough to where they'll stay closed without me having to lock them, which is handy. Here's hoping Bella recovers!

I'll have to read about the short row heel you're doing - I know that the baby socks I learned to knit have a heel flap and a short row heel turn, so it sounds like your pattern doesn't have the flap - it goes straight into the turn?

By Blogger Mary, at 3:57 PM  

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Monday, June 26, 2006  

Poor Bella. She’s so swollen she creaks and groans with every treadle. I’ve decided she’s on medical leave until this extreme dampness blows over.

I’d been a little worried about having such a precision wooden tool in my house in summertime. We live on the banks of a marshy creek that feeds into one of the main rivers that comb tidewater Virginia. Our house isn’t all that old but it’s made from recycled old stuff and has never really been a candidate for air conditioning. Besides, both BD and I like to hear the outdoors. It’s not all that uncomfortable for human occupation. Enough of our furniture is so old it really needs a summer of pumping moisture to keep legs attached. The drawers have long since acclimatized themselves to a Virginia summer.

Alas, my very modern, precisely crafted, wooden New England Golding wheel is just going to have to learn how to take the siesta during summer. If things get too bad I can take her down to work and leave her in the A/C for a while. I used to do that with my violin and bow when I was playing more. But for now, HeyBaby and KittyBoy will be carrying the spinning load.

That includes another story telling gig tonight with our off site summer reading club for kids who live up the county. And another gig on Thursday in King George Co. There’ll be a final program at my own library but I haven’t decided which week. Our programs are held on Tuesdays and we’ll be closed July 4.

The question is - should we be closed on the third also? It’s a real dilemma that I face each time one of those Monday holidays rolls around. Nobody is going to come to the library on July 4 or Christmas Day or even on Thanksgiving Day or New Years. But all the rest of those government holidays are so suspect anyway - Monday Holidays - exactly the time when someone might want to go to the library and what do you know - we’re closed. But the governor is giving state workers Monday off and lots of other counties are doing it as well. I haven’t gotten the word from our county because ... we are the only agency with a day sensitive public function. If we didn’t know 3 weeks ago that we were going to be closed, people will have books out they think are due back on Monday. You can’t imagine how ticked off a person can get when she tries to return a book on the day it’s due and has to use the book drop. But the county administrator and all his staff can never remember this is an issue with us. They’re always making this decision at the last minute, after a board of supervisors meeting, usually the week before the day in question.

July 3 has never been a day off unless the 4th fell on a Saturday and I would be content to keep it that way. But I don’t feel like cheating staff (or self) of a day off either. I’m inclined to tell the Monday staff that if any of them want to take the day off they may but if they work that day they may have comp time for it. And I believe I shall take comp time myself. Especially if it’s going to be this blooming hot and muggy. While I don’t want to sleep in a/c I don’t mind working in it all day. Bella and I can just go down town and dry out together.

I barely did anything fiberwise this weekend. BD and I watched a lot o Eliott Ness Untouchable television instead. And read a lot of Will Durant. I’ve been knitting a short row heel in my toe up sock - again and again and again. I have learned two important things:

Do Not Stop In The Middle While Picking Up Those Wrapped Stitches. With my eyesight and this fine yarn on these tiny needles, I’ll never see where I am - what stitches need picked up - nothing useful. Perhaps when I really know how this technique is done - when I’m not just following instructions, but understanding the heel in it’s Total Mathness - then I can stop in the middle. I’m not there yet so I can’t be sure.

Knit The Heel On 50% of the Stitches - Not 60%. While there are not too many holes along the seam, the seam itself is too long. The size 1 needles are bending as I struggle with this sock heel and my hands cramped up dreadfully - and now I am very unhappy with the heel’s look and feel on my foot. I’m going to have to rip it once again and knit it on fewer stitches. After so much stress, I’m afraid this poor yarn is going to show all the abuse it’s taken.

And yet...I am determined. I will own the skill of the short row heel. I may go back to the heel flap heel but only because I like it, not because I know no other.

MrHoroscope tells me that in the Dark ‘O th’ Moon - right now - I am to hold on to my confidence and not listen to whispers of failure. I am so relieved that this is not last week, but this week, that I can’t imagine worrying about anything. I did it all already.

As for those puppies - oh man they are cute. They’re growling around in the foyer right now. We’ve been feeding them there and leaving the front door open so we don’t have to deal with house training. They just go out when they need to. For the most part they’re staying out doors, but we do bring them in and cuddle with them a lot. Jack is getting a little worried that they’ll never go away and is very cuddlesome. He wants to be Only Baby and Only Boy and these things are cute enough but really, do we have to keep them?

I would consider keeping one if we didn’t already have 3 (count ‘em!) Three dogs already. And if I didn’t like the boy better than the girl. And I, too, want Jack to be the Only Boy. I expect we’ll hear from the Young Darlings sometime today. Ahh well. Let the future unroll as it will. I’m sure it will be good.

And off I go now to begin the day.

posted by Bess | 8:06 AM