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Friday, June 09, 2006  

I thought to continue scratching things off my TTD list but it’s morphed enough that the exercise would be pointless. Instead I have a new list of Major Categories of TTD, all of which have sub-categories and duties and deserve little lists of their own. This reformatting of my Dooty helps me see just why I’m feeling crushed, overwhelmed and cranky these days. I’m juggling 7 fairly demanding projects at the same time. I am sure even my ENFP lust for multi-tasking tops out. I suspect it reaches a comfort maximum somewhere around 4, especially when 2 of them require faking my way through technological lingo and 3 of them involve trying something new that either involve Other People or are watched by an audience.

Staff duties&training
Family Reunion

The easiest task is doing the library budget/s - that is, spending all the $ we have for this year, but not more than we are likely to get next year and planning how much we will spend next year (and on what) when there is no county budget for next year because there is no state budget for next year because the politicians in Richmond are playing chicken. This is a sad example of why pushing the ego envelope is not usually a good thing. A few years ago the state legislature wouldn’t pass a budget during regular winter session and had to come back in the spring to work out an agreement. Now that boundary has been crossed, the only thing to do to make a shocking impact is to let the spring session close without an agreement. Come July 5, I bet my paycheck they’ll compromise.

Ah bosh. I don’t feel like thinking about that.

Or anything else on my TTD list except to remember to go out and clip a bunch of little hooked sticks for my spinning storytelling. What I do feel like cheering about is that I have today off. I have to work tomorrow (when I’ll strike off a few more tasks on the original TTD) so I get a free Friday. In addition to stick clipping I plan to finish up the purple sock and spin today. And maybe read some. And exercise. But mostly I want today to be a fiber day. I think it’s just tragic that my Day In A Knitter’s Life post had not one moment of fiber activity on it. Dreadful!

Happily, the house was cleaned by SomeOneElse so I haven’t any pressing fingerpointing obligations to nag away my playtime. And tomorrow the plan is to do the story board and illustration samples for our Awesome Authors program for middleschoolers - which basically means I get to make a scrapbook using library supplies and get paid for it too. Not such a bad job, humm?

Good knitting to all.

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