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Bess, I've been wanting to try Cascade Fixation and bought some this weekend. I'll be interested to see how it knits up. I'd love to see a picture of your socks, too!

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Monday, June 05, 2006  

Hmmm. 2 weeks till summer reading club starts and I’m dreading it as much as ever. This, when I started early and did lots of planning and ought to feel confident. Instead, the extra planning time only allowed us (me) to plan more things to do. I have learned my lesson - nothing will eliminate the dread. It will dog me during the first 2 weeks of June forever. Maybe I ought to plan next year’s summer reading in August - when it’s all fresh in my mind, I know what worked and what didn’t and .... I hate the sight of reading logs! That way, I’ll plan just enough - it’ll all be done so springtime can be as leisurely as winter and I won’t be tempted by the extra time to do More More More.

My annual summer dread is made worse this year by the pending retirement of three contemporaries across the parking lot in the school system. Bah! on people with 30 years behind them. I too have almost that much, but only 17 years vested in the pension. I shall get over this once it gets really hot again. A lovely cool weekend with some rain and some clear blue skies and 12 tomato plants in the garden are making me dissatisfied with my lot in life, but I know how fickle my emotions are and how, toddler like, I can be easily distracted by something as minimal as a 98º and 98% humidity.

My I’ve been grumpy for a long time. There’s hardly been a post that doesn’t have some sour thread woven through it. Ahh well. One must take the bitter with the better. Fortunately, the better is how swiftly the Romeldale is spinning up on Bella. When spinning a neppy yarn - with little pills of color twisted into it - I find it difficult to trust my grist and twist. I’m always doubting I’ve pulled out the same number of fibers with each draft - and of course, I haven’t, but I worry that the variation will make the finished yarn too lumpy and bumpy. Grist is the issue with me in all my spinning, but I notice it most when the yarn has neps in it. We shall only say - I like what’s filling the bobbin - and trust that I will like what the yarn turns out to be.

Another better is that I did 21, not 5, rounds on the Fixation sock. If I keep this up I can cast on the glorious Spirit Trial socks by the weekend. I believe these will be the socks I do toe up, in honor of S, who sent me the instructions and J, who is so fond of this method.

I’m still slogging through Gotham. It’s a fairly well written history, just chatty enough to make you feel like you’re listening to a good lecture. Alas, every time I pick up the book, a certain life partner starts talking to me in sentences which end in a question so that I can’t settle into the meat of it. When I’ve finished with the Dutch section, though, I plan to pick my way lightly through the interesting bits. I’m not that curious about New York and the book suffers from a Serious Flaw. The author assumes you know the street layout of NY, constantly telling you that a certain quay abutted ___ Street, now called ____ Street. Yet he never provides a contemporary map. How the heck would I know where Brewery street is? A bit arrogant, if you ask me.

But I do hope someone is intrigued enough to pick up the Wendell Berry I’ve listed on the side bar. I’m still smiling over that one.

So. I’m in early today to start the kiddy tours. Lawsee I’ll be glad - like Elton Penn - when August gets here and summer reading club is over.

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