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Bess, when I upgrade my digital camera, (very very soon), my old one will need a new home. Would you want to adopt it, for the price of an audience with The Queen? I'd also be happy to give you an in-person tutorial on how to use it and how to upload pictures from it to your computer, and ultimately to your blog. I'd feel a lot better about my camera upgrade if I knew my old digital was going to a good home. Think about it.

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Saturday, June 03, 2006  

Cuff, heel and gusset are done on that purple Fixation sock. I don’t normally like knitting with cotton. It’s too stiff to satisfy my tactile desires. This yarn has some lycra in it and plenty of stretch but it’s still too cottony for me. I’ll be glad when they’re done and I can slide back into my beloved wool sock yarn. No picture - of course. This is TheQueen’s blog and you must use your imagination. We’ve done a bookkeeping audit and realize that we are brokebrokebroke and will never be able to buy anything again, even grits, and will not even get slim from starvation because life is that way - so don’t expect any pictures soon, either. Property taxes are due on Monday.

I have serious camera envy.

I also just about finished plying up the sock yarn on my Golding wheel. The fiber came in a single carded bat of brown, red, tan and yellow. I’ve used up some with the brown, experimenting, so that segment was a little shorter than the rest. When I sat down with it I tried to divide it into two equal portions and then subdivide those into about 9 sequential handfuls of each color. The idea was to see if I could spin up a sock yarn that had some solid colors and some spiral stripe bi-colors. The hope was that I’d spin up equal amounts without having any leftover. The reality was that I am still learning about tension on Bella and when I spun onto the left flyer the tension was too tight, so the bobbin looked like a British punk rocker with twisty spikes sticking out all over. I set the tension a little looser on the right flyer and that looked so neat and tidy. I am learning. But - how to tell then, if you have equal (or even roughly so) amounts on each bobbin.

You can’t, of course.

Instead I reserved two piles of each color unspun, plied up all the spun and what do you know? They came out just about perfectly equal - and I ended up with yarn of solid stripes tucked between many different bi-colored spirals. How often does that happen!?!

I’ll spin up the last of the fiber and ply it sometime today.

It was a heavy day, hot, but not killingly so, and very humid. The drive through what the maps call Yorktown, a long stretch of commercial strip development, would have been too tedious to bear but for the sock in my lap. After the dr. visit we drove east and got to Richmond by 5, mostly because everyone else in the city was in the eastbound lane, headed for the beach. I couldn’t help but remember the gloriously beautiful drive we made from Jamestown to Richmond, just one year ago, along Rt. 5. Sigh. I64 will never offer an opportunity for that sort of soul moving appreciation for the beauty of eastern Virginia. On the other hand - it did get us out of the stop’n’go strip traffic and besides, it rained much of the trip and then - there was that sock.

With D&P we drove out to the boat store so BD could return some paint and it was such fun to watch D in West Marine. He’s always ready to be fascinated with new things and he’s really quite a land lubber. This was his first time in a chandler shop. It was fun to watch the old salt show the new recruit around familiar waters. Afterwards, we went to a Greek&Italian restaurant out West Broad St. - Nicks or The Forum or something like that. I’d forgotten about that place, though it’s next door to the Hancock Fabric store - one of the very few left in Richmond - and I’ve often thought I’d like to try it out sometime. The Greek Sampler plate was quite good, if heavy for those of us who have been dining a la Edgar Cacey. My doggy bag has enough in it for at least two lunches.

It’s supposed to rain all day but I am crossing my fingers that it will hold off till the afternoon. A darling girl we know is graduating from high school today and we will be going to the ceremony. But an afternoon nap, lulled into relaxation by rain drumming on the roof, would be soooo welcome. Let us make offerings to the weather gods.

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