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I know what you mean about the Wildfoote, Bess. I just finished a pair in a lovely grey/taupe/pink mix. Definitely not springy, but I enjoyed working with it more than a stiff cotton. The pattern fits snugly (it's 'Conwy' from "Socks on the Road"), but the socks are toasty...perfect for today's cool downpour!


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The brown sheep folk are geniuses with color. The have the best selection of interesting colored sock yarns I know – especially if you want plain colors. Alas, they don’t always choose the best fibers or even the best manufacturing processes. I don’t care for their Nature Spun either but I certainly love their handpaint mohair/wool blend. Yum. Pure joy to knit with.

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Okay, all the initials in that last paragraph just about blew my mind! Someday you'll have to post a glossary so we know what's what! ;-)

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Thursday, June 15, 2006  

‘Course I’m not disappointed, Cynthia, though I am fascinated that someone would be living so far away and stumble upon me and come to know what was going on in my little world. Like C, I’m also curious about the Maltese Knitter - Malta - that’s where LD was when he called us while on his first Mediterranean deployment - in what, 2000? Statscounter tells me country of origin each time someone looks in on TheQueen and each town, each state or country promises a story to tell about the knitter who reads my ramblings.

Hurricane Alberto spun away leaving us with lots of wet just as the combines were rolling into the wheat fields. That wheat check is coming later this year than I can ever remember! Though statewide, Virginia is suffering from a slight water shortage, we’ve had plenty of it down here. Particularly at Champlain, there have been lovely local storms that have made the twilight days of spring especially beautiful. It is all slated to end tomorrow as temperatures climb into the 90’s. From June through September, any day that doesn’t hit 90 is a good weather day. Once the red creeps over the 9 line everything depends on wind and dry air, which usually desert us and leave their cousins dank, slime and sultry to lounge on our porches and seep into our closets to deposit their mildewy offspring on our good leather shoes. Ah well. There you have it. If one chooses to live in a swamp one gets exactly what one ought to expect, right? Is it any wonder the English died like flies when they first got here?

I’ve been trying to get in some fiber progress every day. Even typing that makes me wonder what sort of sick mind turns pleasure and hobby and creativity into DOOTY and begs the question, “Where did that Puritan streak slip into the gene pool of a bunch of Irish Catholics and married to some Crazy Frenchmen? Then the OtherQueenBrain tells me that it’s just being honest about all the fiber I’ve bought over the past 5 years and there is nothing wrong with actually using my stash and there is less wrong with setting up a structure that shoves me out the door of the RoomOfIdleDayDreams and into the SunporchOfSpinningWheels.

Woops. A little ENFP digression - sorry.

This is, after all, a knitting blog, right? Anyway - (giggling now)


I’m knitting away on the pretty little toe-up sock in an aqua yarn by Lorna’s Laces - and will put a scan-picture of it up later today. I’m also plugging away on the Romeldale while startitis thoughts of Falkland Island Polwarth 4 ply dance through my brain. I will spin that stuff next, I will, I will, I will.

But what I expect the next few weeks of posting will contain will be “More Romeldale spun. Romeldale plied. More Romeldale spun....”

The heavy load of TTD that was pressing my spirit down all last week has been whittled away by time and diligence to just some things to do today. I am either numb to the eminent arrival of the Summer Reading Club and Related Activities, or I’m ready for them. I can’t tell. I have only to assemble samples of the middle school project today and one conference call to nominate officers for the VLA election. This is our second round of trying to find people who will take the helm and I’m wondering if we ought to just pick someone who will is willing to be the defeated candidate - only of course, as luck would have it, everyone would vote for the person who was supposed to take the fall. Nope, the idea is funny but the act would be awful. I suppose my cynicism comes from knowing that I’m only on this committee because they have to have someone representing Region IV. One of the facts about being director of a small rural library is that you really only get to know other library directors - you don’t know the worthy and capable second and third tier folk out in libraryland. Well, I suppose it’s perfectly okay for me to sit mum and stupid during the call.

I was supposed to go play with H today, a long planned outing in my favorite Colonial Williamsburg, but a doctor visit for BD blossomed on the calendar that really calls for my presence as well. The final health issue to reveal itself after last year’s heart attack is waiting its turn to be addressed. Not serious but not something to ignore if we don’t want it to become serious. So another Friday away from the office and I’ll be away next Friday too. I wonder, when was the last time I worked a Friday? What is good about all this is the long drive to the city, when I can knit on my latest sock project. What is great about this is that we will go by D’s house on the way home. And what is sure is that sometime I am going to CW to play with H - for sure.

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