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I admire your courage to post such a private list so publicly. Even though my lists are so mundane, I still feel they are deeply personal, for some strange reason. Not sure why I think "buy milk, toilet paper, detergent" reveals the inner workings of my soul, but it strikes the fear of God in me should someone read my lists!

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Hmmmm...VirgoSoulSis List Comparison (for Today Only):

- Walk
- H's med list - update
- take H to doctor appointment
- drop off quilt to be quilted
- recycling
- canned goods to church (food bank)
- Call D.P.
- Call S.
- snack for art class?
- order DQ cake (DS' birthday)
- black sharpies
- Freckle's BOM
- p/up H's meds
- p/up H's dressing supplies
- watercolour class homework you have a longer list....and you get to spin (I'm still trying to find time to learn)...


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Tuesday, June 06, 2006  

Attention: Might not be worth reading. This is Blogging as Personal Mantra, not entertainment.

Okay - I’m not so bent outa shape anymore. I love a week when there is plenty of work to do - but it’s all work I can do, with just a tee tiny bit of serendipity to keep me awake. It makes a Monday such a sweet day and fills me with that sense of purpose and worthiness and competency that is so important to happiness. Because when it comes to the world outside TheCastle, I am winging a whole host of things these days. I almost never have those positive feelings, especially at work. Instead, I’m as sour as a glass of lemonade without any sugar in it. Contrast that Place-0-Dread with my airy living room with a gorgeous wheel spinning a yarn I like waiting at home for me - well - who wouldn’t write gloomy cranky posts? Too bad for the Day in the Life blog, where I shall probably grouse and whine and schlump all over the place.

Must Be Cheerful. Must Be Cheerful.

Must not dread the future.

Must make list!

Yes!! That’s the answer. Everyone knows that the path out of the Minotar’s labyrinth is made up of a list! A long sheet of paper which enumerates everything you have to do. Make it concrete and it won’t be so intimidating.

Okay - here goes:

Call AT - and schedule wi-fi activities
Make prototypes for Awesome Authors program
Make sure all computers have Publisher loaded
Write up SRC instruction sheet for staff&volunteers
Get flyers to middle school
Ditto elementary school
PSA to radio
Is there $ for a newspaper ad? not just article? - bet there is
Post schedule of SRC programs for all staff to see
Make reminder calls to SRC guests
Put up SRC posters at gym, walmart, swimming pools, (hmmmm video store? where else do kids hang out?) ALSO marquee stuff
Cut new stick hooks for own story program - probably need 25 + tie yarns
Adjust June schedule, make up July schedule
Decide scope of summer workers responsibilities and assign regular staff new duties
06-07 board budget - devise then meet ... Call Bill
Talk to board about problem with Hill brothers
Schedule fall auction for Friends
Other auction committee activities including membership list
Story Hour prep
Get county guys to assemble DVD table
Staff meeting
Reunion stuff - contact BB, NM, CH for address changes - mailed by June 30
Anniversary Party stuff - big posting board, find kiddy games, borrow S’s cooler

Pardon the intimacy of all this tediously boring personal detail. Today, instead of a diary as literature, I’m using it as a psychological lifeline. Let us hope I can get a handle on these ThingsWhichMustBeDone so I can get back to automatic living. . . or at least, automatic library directing. It was all so much easier when we had no money, no staff and no expectations.

No fiber activity yesterday at all! Let us hope for better things today.

posted by Bess | 7:39 AM