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Thanks for defining your abbreviations! Now I know! (Let's hope I remember!) ;-)

What I've seen other bloggers do is write a post with their glossary of abbreviations (including knitting ones like LYS, UFO, etc.) and then they put an old date on the post so that it's buried in the archives. But then link to it in the sidebar, in case folks need a refresher. Not a bad idea - I may have to do that myself one of these days....

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Sunday, June 18, 2006  

About those abbreviations:

Once, in conversation, a colleague, who had visited the house and noticed I frequently called both my husband and my son "Darling", asked for clarification about a reference to one of them, "Big Darling or Little Darling". The term stuck and since then I’ve pretty much thought of my two men as BD and LD. When I began the blog I felt a little shy about bandying their names about in what is essentially a public viewing of my diary. By using unfamiliar terms for pivotal people in my life, it felt a little as if I were protecting their privacy while still explaining both their role and their importance. In fact, it got so that I really didn’t want to use any people’s real names - perhaps to protect the innocent, although I try to do that with everything I write.
When LD got married, a Girl Darling entered the lexicon as GD and so on. Everyone else ended up being identified with the first initial of her name - even though that means that S who cleans my house is different from S who is the library board’s treasurer and P who catered TheWedding is not my sister P.

With the exception of ENFP, which is the Mmes. Myers & Briggs’ term, all the other acronyms are just shortcuts for referencing ImportantThings I’ve already written about; like my ThingsToDo lists. I don’t usually use one unsupported in a post unless it has been heavily used in an immediate past post.

Hope this makes things easier - but I’ll happily answer any posted queries just in case...

As for comparing the Yarn Lounge with GotYarn and Knitting Basket - man - that could be a whole ‘nother post in itself. But the biggest difference is the youthful atmosphere in YL and the big selection of Rowan yarns. KB is the old war horse yarn shop in Richmond. It was around back when - something like 27 years ago, opened just about the time of the Charles & Diana wedding when all those cute Brittish handknits became so popular. That store has benefitted by the competition, becoming friendlier and making prices easier to find, but it still has a Very West End feel to it, if you are at all familiar with Richmond neighborhoods. GY is very NewYorkey - or it was when it first opened. I’m not exactly sure what its feel is now, though I stop in often enough. It had a better book selection when it was in its old location - now the book selection seems very picked over and not refreshed. Lots of novelty yarn. Lots. But also the best selection of Aurora8 I’ve ever seen. There are 3 other yarn shops in Richmond ... man - I could write several posts about them. But day is a’dawning and breakfast hasn’t been started.

Yesterday’s festival was okay - it was suffering a lot from tourist slow down - probably high gas prices, too. I missed it last year so I’m comparing it to 2004 - which was huge, jam packed and had a constant procession of familiar and unfamiliar visitors. This year there were fewer vendors. Many people I know well enough, who had been key festival workers in the past (I am, in fact, one of them, come to think of it) were not present. Nobody was making or selling hand made soaps - which was a frequent offering in years past - and the lady with the beaten copper earrings wasn’t there. There were earrings, I promise you and 3 pair came home with me along with a beaded lizard bracelet. The man with the fabulous wind catchers was there with fancier and prettier than ever (and more expensive) sculptures which I didn’t buy because my garden is such a wreck.

BH had promised to help another mother at the booth run by the little private school their children attend and what do you know, that poor woman had No Other Help At All! So, I worked the booth a little bit, dragged BH off to lunch when other mother’s husband showed up, and then basically went home. Partly it was because I had seen everything and bought what I wanted but mostly because I was in the weirdest unsociable mood yesterday. I had this prickly coat of unfriendliness wrapped around me. I can’t figure out why, though I did get the feeling that was what Mr.Horoscope was talking about in yesterday’s prediction - that life was good and I ought not be such a sourpuss. So - I took myself home early and I wasn’t a sourpuss at all. I took a nap instead. And felt much better for it. And got most of the laundry done. And put the last of the winter clothes in the attic and found the rest of the summer shorts. And found out I have entirely too many t-shirts. And realize that if I don’t take this weight off I will be mostly naked. And made my hair better through chemistry.

And spun a wee bit and knit a wee bit. Nothing worth bragging about since I’m at the long slow midpoint on both projects.

Today, though, I still feel a tee tiny bit ... well... I’ll be switched!

Of course I’m feeling anti-sociable (No I’m not psychopathic - just need to store up "safe at home feelings". Tomorrow the Summer Reading Club begins and there is nothing I can do about it but go forth and entertain. Whew. That makes so much sense. So. By next Friday I’ll know if it’s going to be a flop or a success - at least, if the new activities are flopping like landed fish. If they are moderately successful ... good. If not ... well, we have only 6 weeks of them. No matter how it turns out - I shan’t think about it today. I’ll think about it Tara.
(after I clean out all those dreadfully nasty cabinets in the kitchen)

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