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To hopefully make you feel even better - you wouldn't have had to walk (I'm sure Erica would love to see thuh rivuh) and you DO know someone in Waldorf, one of your favorite 14-year-old-stepson-of-a-friend lives not too far... we could have gotten you taken care of.

So no worries!

And it doesn't matter anyway because I'll see you TOMORROW!!!!

By Blogger Amie, at 7:46 AM  

Alternator problems aren't so bad, the last time I had to get a new one of those the whole thing was less than $100. But that a long time ago, back in CA, so who knows.

Good luck with the car, and have fun at MD! I'm very jealous.

By Blogger Heidi, at 11:35 AM  

"I love the south, where women are expected to drive manual shifts and men are expected to push them."

Bess my is the same here in the Northwest!!
Sure wish I had been with you when the car broke down. I happen to know all there is to know about Alternator's...Yep...replaced more then my share 'em. It would have been fun to repair it and then be able to tell ""Men With Tool" no worries, we replaced it ourselves!

By Anonymous Patti, at 2:42 PM  

Thank you so much for the info and what to expect at MDS&W. this will be my first time, how much money do you think I sould bring remember its all about the yarn, Im not interested in buying a wheel.

By Blogger Charisse, at 6:16 PM  

Latest weather check for Frederick, MD -- partly cloudy, high 76ºF, only 20% chance of precip. for Saturday, and Sunday about the same. They've even removed the little raincloud icon and replaced it with a sun with a white cloud over it. Forecast is improving day by day!

By Blogger Mary, at 7:12 PM  

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Thursday, May 04, 2006  

Yes! Weather Dot Com guys (note they’ve been promoted to capital letters?) say the weather will be a little drizzly on Saturday a.m. and then partly cloudy the rest of the weekend - coolish - grey - wool buying weather. Yippee!

Note, also, how I believe them when they tell me what I want to hear?

Nice to be 100% normal.

And true to automobile normality my car decided to quit working yesterday - after work - when all the MenWithTools had gone home - in town, where BD the CarGuy was not - and after I had dropped $$$ on other car attention earlier in the week.

This is not fair. This is not fun. This is bad of a serious nature.

But this is not insurmountable and it isn’t really going to dampen my spirits either. I will be at Maryland if I have to walk, you see. And I shan’t have to walk. At the very worst there are car rentals. There is also a truck which gets gas mileage that would make a car rental fee look like the price of gum. And there are still more than 24 hours in which MenWithTools can fix a car. BD says it is the alternator. That sounds good to me. It also sounds horrifically expensive but there you have it. All I can think is "Thank God it didn’t happen tomorrow, in Waldorf Maryland, where I don’t know anybody!!" Instead, it happened at the town post office, where several men with jumper cables tried to get it going again and several more men with large shoulder muscles pushed it for me while I merely sat inside with one foot on the clutch and the other on the break and at the appropriate time performed a little pas de deux with my feet and ... screech ... jerk ... and she was running again.

I love the south, where women are expected to drive manual shifts and men are expected to push them.

I am supposed to work half day today - though who knows what demands will be placed upon mey time by the CarRepairActivities. We must wait until 8, when all those MenWithTools take their TrucksToWork. The plan is for me to continue (I doubt I can complete) working on the 2 important projects. Both of them had TheQueen’s own deadlines on them, which she can change by royal decree, but her poor InnerSecretary pled with her RegalConsciousness to at least push them closer to completion.

Status of the TTDbMSW list:

Finish SRC brochure and get to printer
One storyhour
Get story and storyboard to Mama
Select June book club book
Finish Continue working on Disaster Plan
Grocery shop for abandoned husband - include film or disposable camera (dang, forgot that in the panic that was CarNotStartingInPostOfficeParkingLot)
Find folder with reviews and Select and order DVD projector (shouldn’t be hard but is)
Newspaper article to paper
Plan party dinner
Manicure & pedicure (what’s a vacation without luxury?)
Go to Bank
Get car washed & gassed up (obviously, after going to bank)
Get Car Repaired, First!!
Dig out some fiber to spin on at night
Photocopy twisted stitch pattern for Fixation sock cuff - mindless knitting project

Abandoned Task List:

Stash inventory

So - we leave our heroine poised on the eve of Extreme Festival-ing wondering . . .

Will MenWithTools save her from a life of poverty due to out of state truck driving at 14 miles per gallon?
Will her manicure and pedicure restore her sense of languid ease?
Will anxiety cause her to she consume the rest of that box of Girl Scout cookies in the staff lunchroom?

Stay tuned for the final episode of Getting Ready For Maryland

posted by Bess | 7:22 AM