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Bess, I've been hanging my head in regret and shame since last Sunday. I stopped by Spirit Trail at the festival, I was so excited to meet Jennifer and see her products. She wasn't there at that moment, but I got to talk to such a nice lady, such a nice Booth Babe. I thought "what a nice, friendly person". I think I even asked her if she was Jennifer. The answer was no, but I sure enjoyed talking to her, she even looked a little familiar. And then....late Sunday night....OHMIGAWD, that nice lady I talked to was THE QUEEN, that was BESS! Man, I wish I had realized that while I was there. Would have LOVED to talk to you more. I read your website daily and LOVE IT, and both Jennifer and YOU are such inspirations to me. I'll look forward to seeing you at the next fiber fest!

By Anonymous Meredith, at 9:35 AM  

Must. See. Bella. Picture. ;-)

By Blogger Mary, at 9:55 AM  

Waiting patiently - okay, impatiently - for pictures!

By Blogger Catherine, at 1:10 PM  

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Saturday, May 13, 2006  

A very full moon woke me at an ungodly hour this morning and I’ve been indulging in some blog trolling via some of the webrings. Not that I need to find more websites to add to my daily round - I already spend hours a day doing that - but sometimes it’s fun to just see what’s out there. And sometimes you get lucky and find that photo you regret not taking at MSW.

This gal has a picture of the green scarf I was so crazy about!

It's her May 12 post.

While I loved looking at the other silk felted projects, was delighted with the use of color, technique, etc., I’d never actually wear them. Not my colors. Not my body shape either. But those green ruffles cascading down a V neckline - well now. That is something else indeed.

Yesterday was very weird - having to go to work, having to remember all the things I didn’t do before I left, working through the pile of notes that accumulated while I was gone, holding a staff meeting when I could barely remember what it was we do there. At the last minute I remembered I’d wanted to go over our circulation policy with the staff. I know it’s up at the desk and they also each have copies of it, but I would also bet that none of them have read it since they were brand new employees all full of enthusiasm to be TheBestUCanB.

Routine work days soon wipe out that first giddy promise to soar, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all scale some heights now and then - with a little guidance, a little boost. Good thing we went over that policy too, since a few things have changed since it was written and there was one inconsistency in the wording. I’ve fixed the errors now and changed the circulation database to include a new patron category. That was a real Duh item and accomplishing those few changes at least assured there was some production from TheQueen, who also hopes that Friday’s sojourn back into the office will jump-start next week.

Bella’s bobbins have almost all my blue superwash merino wound upon them. I tried to divide up the fiber before I spun it, in what looks now like a vain attempt to have similar lengths on each bobbin. I draft with my left hand when I wheel spin so I was immediately comfortable with spinning at the left flyer. The right flyer wasn’t as easy to spin onto unless I shifted my chair to place her just to the left of center. She spun easily with only the left foot working right treadle, but I can tell that I will need to do a bit more experimenting with chair positions and angles before I am proficient with this right flyer. Also - I am interested in learning to draft with my right hand. I do this when I spindle spin so it ought not be too difficult. I’d like to be ambidextrous and I’m a new enough spinner - yes yes - 4 years is a new spinner in my book - that I don’t feel calcified and frozen into any specific technique. Those fine muscles can still learn new tricks.

I really love how rock solid this wheel is. The Goldings told me what it weighed; something under 30 lbs. But it feels much heavier than that. One of the things I’ve not liked about some of the smaller castle wheels is how lightly they stood their ground. A lead foot makes the whole wheel dance around on the floor. When I tried out the smaller Kromski wheels they would tilt off the ground towards my lap. It’s the reason I didn’t buy one. Even HeyBaby, my Ashford Elizabeth, has a bit of play in her. This is more apparent in winter, when dry heat tends to shrink her up a bit.

Bella is of a different substance altogether. She’s no traveling wheel. She is an enthroned wheel. She is where she is and it is up to me to adapt to her. I don’t move her to the right or left, I move my chair. I suspect that she will give me anything I ask of her, just so long as I remember that she is The Queen while I am merely Like the queen.

Her other constantly enjoyed virtue is her sheer beauty. I love to walk into the living room and just gaze at her; her dark wood, softly gleaming; the intricate carving that lets light through from any angle; the golden glow of her brass ringed drive wheel; her massive substance that whispers of vast quantities of production; her tight construction that promises to make thread any time I want it.

I have been so fortunate in my life to have been surrounded by Beauty that makes my eyes dance with joy. Beauty is another kind of nourishment, feeding the soul so that it can care for the body. When I lie on the forest floor and look up at blue sky and golden sun rays slanting through ancient trees; when I take a walk and see sleek-furred dogs explode above greeny blue barley, like dolphins leaping out of the sea; when a scarlet tanager flits through emerald leaves to light on a branch and sing his song, my soul expands with all the confidence of a ship’s captain, ready to sail forth into new and uncharted waters. Beauty gives life impetus. Bella gives me beauty and that is riches indeed, even if she never spins another ounce of fiber.

posted by Bess | 6:49 AM