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Socks! How I love knitting them! I just don't have enough needles to start all the ones I want to try. I may have to finish some in order to free up some needles. Or I could go to the size ones and zeroes.

I always try to remember that other people don't know what I had planned. I'm the only one who knows how far I've succeeded in my plan. Everyone else just thinks that whatever happens is what I planned.

By Blogger Larry, at 11:04 AM  

Ahhhh... The Little House books... and I am of the generation that can watch the tv show without too much cringing, though was blessed to find books early enough in life that the book is always better than the movie... as often as I read them growing up, I haven't in years, and don't even have copies of my own... must remedy that soon, don't you think???


By Blogger Amie, at 6:16 PM  

Yes you MUST remedy that Amie...

I happened to buy myself the whole set in hardcover with the money from my first ever job in highschool... (I still kept all my old mis-matched paperbacks though)

I re-read the whole series probably at least once a year... with the exception that I don't read the beginning of "By the Shores of Silver Lake" - because thats the part where their dog Jack dies... if I read that I bawl my eyes out crying loudly for a good 30 minutes...

By Blogger Aria, at 9:42 PM  

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006  

Thank you, Mary, for the compliments. Aren’t words fun?

Yesterday I was soooo gloomy and anxious about this week. I feel the thrumming drumbeat of Summer Reading Club with 2 New Programs, mocking me, telling me I will fail at these new things - because I am much better at coming up with ideas than I am at carrying them out. I do not say I am a failure at carrying them out - just that - in the end, many of my projects have an amateurish touch rather than that slick professional touch that Other People’s Projects have.

Now, lest you think I am just spiraling into a diss-Bess loop - I assure you that I am not. I know that other people’s gardens are not any nicer than mine, or their library programs, or their stints as PTA president. Or they are nicer than mine. Or not as nice! I ought not care! Because life is not an Olympic contest. It’s life. And we do what we can. And sometimes we do stunningly well. And sometimes we do horrificly terrible. And most of the time we do somewhere between good enough and just fine.

It’s the imagining that trips us up. We can worry ourselves (read here, I can worry myself) into panic attacks or we can, as the famous shoe advertisement says, Just Do It. And so I shall.

And, to stroke my ruffled feathers I can remind myself that I, who have cast myself upon the mercy of strange geeks for the past 6 years of Internet service for the library, was able, in a week and a half, come up with an entirely new Internet connection for the library, complete with bids, prices, and an equipment list for far less money than I had feared. This, after ignoring all technological progress for 6 years, is a pretty durn good job. The paperwork gets submitted to the county administrator today. Thank you May Horoscope.

Yesterday was one of those fruitful productive days where I can tick off all sorts of HadToDo activities. What a difference a day like that makes in ones attitude. Since I’ll be out of the office on Friday and today is Wednesday, which means kiddies, and I didn’t work on Monday - a lot has to happen on the T days. Let us hope T-omorrow is as productive as yesterday.

I’ve not quite finished up spinning the singles of the mystery fiber in TheQueen’s favorite colors but I should do so tonight. 8 oz of what is probably corriedale in a fine, tight, sock-weight yarn. I am getting a very strong urge to knit socks - or at least, to start socks. I’m still working on the cuff of the purple Fixation second sock. I had a black brain hole attack when I started knitting the second sock and couldn’t remember how to knit the pattern NOR remember where the pattern was, even though I knew it was in the Barbara Walker Red book. The brain just refused to believe what it knew. So I ripped out what I’d started, back to the K2P2 rib, and began anew on Knitters Faith - that blind trust in what the brain ought to believe. It’s going fine now. I’ll hustle along on it because I want to knit a pair of socks from some gorgeous Spirit Trail sock yarn and, of course, the above mentioned handspun sock yarn. Socks! Socks! Socks. I want More Socks!

But mostly - I’m off to begin my day. Ta.

posted by Bess | 7:30 AM