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Bess, I thought for sure I commented yesterday but apparently in my absent-mindness (very common since returning from Maryland) that I did not. As far as ending a sentence in a preposition, I'm so guilty of it because I didn't even know I was doing it until someone pointed it out to me. I never understood them in school and it wasn't until the husband explained it all to me that it made any sense.

I'm glad your ankle is better today. There seem to be a lot of falls lately, just be glad it wasn't your wrist that would prevent you from knitting.

And the whole comment thing. It baffles me too, you know I've talked about it on my blog. In the last month I've just decided that even one comment is good enough. A little ego boost is always nice though.

By Blogger erica, at 8:54 PM  

Sometimes ending a sentence with a preposition just sounds more normal than bending over backwards to reword it so that it's somewhere in the middle, ya know?

That being said, it's late and I see my bed that I will now go lay down on.


By Blogger Mary, at 10:41 PM  

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006  

Thank you, all who had something to say yesterday and shared it with me. I knew there was just that slight sound of whine in my comment about comments and I beg pardon for it. But I do sometimes wonder about you folk who create those statscounter statistics. I also know that it’s not often that I rant on about a sensitive topic, the sort of thing that people would have strong, and even opposing viewpoints about. Important things like cropped pants. Or canned peas! And I’m afraid I shan’t ever offer that sort of thing because I not only dislike conflict but also share with Miss Scarlet that propensity to Think About It Tomorrow - at Tara. Most of the bad news will come out here as history, not opportunity for discussion.

The biggest question is caused when I see that someone from some far off place has stopped by I wonder if we could ever chat face 2 face - would we like each other - would we become friends? And when someone from just across my river stops by, well, that person doesn’t get a chance to evade an answer. Glen - please turn right at the stop light and check out the ab-fab knitting books at the library! Ask for me at the desk. Congratulations, too, on your coming expansion of knitting time!

I am back at that desk today. Though I would love to fritter away another day in front of the television watching old movies and knitting, my ankle is way better and the scrapes down my other leg have air-dried enough to cover with long pants. There is not enough reason to stay home and far too big a reason to go to work. I have a new project that must be budgeted by the end of the week. Happily, these are supposed to be good days for career homework. Although I had hoped to use them to further an alternative career along its path, I don’t mind putting auspicious days to work on the bread and butter career. “Forward is forward,” I like to say.

And though there are a number of other things that keep floating near the surface of my mind, they don’t quite break through to clarity, so I shy away from rambling on about them. Instead I leave you with the important question: At what time does one stop feeling guilty about writing a sentence that ends in a preposition?

posted by Bess | 7:35 AM