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Well! I certainly see why 'Bella' is 'Bella'. She lives up to her name. Are the other 2 jealous?!

P.S. thanks for the note. The Guild is now knitting little pink cancer ribbon pins (from pink ribbon yarn) and selling 'em at $1 apiece for the Cdn Breast Cancer Foundation...


By Blogger Margaret, at 1:50 PM  

I just caught on reading and congrats on Bella! What a wonderful piece of working art to bring home. I hope you enjoy her for years to come. A Goldings is pretty much last on my list; next to a Magnus Drudik ;-), which is a long shot at best. My Wyatt Wheel just might be a little green with envy right now...


By Blogger Mari, at 10:59 PM  

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006  

Scanned photos from a disposable camera are always such a disappointment and I get terrible camera envy when I look at the photos on other people’s blogs. If you could see the flatness of my bank account you would take pity on me - and of course, I haven’t a clue what camera to buy, even though I’ve read dozens of reviews about how to pick one. Everyone I know whose photographs I admire, bought her camera last year so that model isn’t made any more and each month, when I think “this month I’ll buy one” something else clamors for my $. Ahh well. There you have it. Camera envy and camera buying fear means TheQueen’s word is still that - mostly words.

To quote every teacher I ever had “If only she wouldn’t talk so much.”

Happily, it is no longer Monday. We may breathe a collective sigh of relief. Seems like 100% of the rest of the world didn’t want to go to work yesterday either. Now it is Tuesday so there are only 4 more days till the weekend and the weekend after that is a 3 day one for us government dole types. I will have 5 days of fiber pleasure in addition to all the bits and seconds of time I can squeeze out of the week. I’m still captured by the charms of Bella the Beautiful but I have released her from silk duty. I was frustrated with the silk spinning. Why? oh - because silk top gets so static filled, even during a humidity bringing rain shower, that after you’ve drawn a few inches from the end, all the other ends begin to cross electron swords and blossom out against each other. When I try to gather them in, a clump forms - and then I have thick’n’thin silk when I wanted nice’n’even. Also I was having that take-up issue with the flyer, the one I described yesterday, and I thought - I want to learn the wheel going from easy stuff to tricky - so ... Off With Thee - oh silk fiber. HeyBaby wound it up on one of her spare bobbins - a good thing, since I had the chance to look at what I’d spun again and it’s not as bad as I’d remembered.

Still and all - I’m in the mood for woooool, simply because I have so much. So I’ve begun to open up another one of J’s Superwash with Attitude braids - a bright red one - that will make dancing socks for memememe. Bella will spin such thin fine smooth singles when I use a worsted draft I’m still mesmerized by how good it makes my spinning skill look, still lured by the possibility of being able to puff myself off as a good spinner! I wonder, though, how hard is it going to be when I want to turn around and do soft puffy woolen spinning ... with something like my corriedale. Yes. That’s what I want to know. That’s what I’ll find out before I tackle that mean old static-ey silk.

That's one of my stash heaps in the corner, behind the 3 three spinning wheels.

Off to early morning meetings now. Spin on, dear hearts.

posted by Bess | 6:45 AM