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I've had my "new" haircut for almost a year, and people are still coming up to me and telling me how much they like it! Hmm, does that mean my other do was hideous? Or that I had it for so long that it was nothing to write home about? Enjoy your celebrity, and mirrors aren't just for Windexing, you know!

By Blogger Jane, at 10:06 AM  

I think I want to learn crochet, so I think I'm going to buy Debbie Stohler's book next time I'm in a bookstore. And I guess a big fat crochet needle and some fat yarn. Next hobby here I come! :-)

Oh, and on a completely different topic, my word verification for this comment is "sxypm". Does that mean there's a romantic evening in store?

By Blogger Mary, at 11:24 PM  

Perhaps we *were* separated at birth! Shawls - check! Lots of WIPs - check! New spring haircut - well, not yet for me.

I'm still looking for something that 1) isn't too short (for DH, I'd shave my head otherwise) 2) doesn't take a much fussing and 3) uses my natural curl and waves rather than fighting them. Fortunately I still have time to look 'cause my hairdresser of choice can't get to me until 6-24!

(signed: knitswithcats)

By Blogger Diann, at 11:59 AM  

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Saturday, May 27, 2006  

I still like the short hair - even after sleeping on it and waking up with stuff that sticks up instead of slicks down. Everyone who’s seen the new 'do approves, most of all TheQueenHerself, who can’t stop peeking in mirrors or windows or other reflecting surfaces. Now and then I forget my hair is cut and the old non-preening me starts talking to someone and then I realize they are staring at me and I’m reminded that I am Glamorous now and get all tingly about it.

Because I tend to wear the same hairstyle for a decade or more at a time, people begin to think I am as static as oh, say, Mount Rushmore. They identify me with how I look and assume any changes that take place are merely things that were there all along, only they just hadn’t noticed. The last time I had a hairstyle change, not counting a failed blip in 1996 that lasted only a month or so, was 1992, the year I turned 40. The basic change was from long in the back and shorter on the sides, to short in the back and longer on the sides. The transition took place via a “body wave” induced Afro of transcendent ugliness which prompted me to swear my husband and friends to an oath to lock me up as the next decade approached if I even said the word permanent in a sentence that included any references to my hair. I, too, clung hard and fast to my sanity and made it through the dangerous birthday without succumbing to the false promise of chemical curls. It took 50 frozen eclares to do it, but I think I may have broken the spell.

But just because I didn’t make a Grave Error with my Hair doesn’t mean I wasn’t bored silly and longing to be different and fetching and FullOfSurprises. So for a while I shall enjoy the stares and the smiles and the compliments and then, as the months turn into years people will begin to think I always looked like this and when I show them photo albums with the Old Look splashed across the pages they’ll say “No way! I don’t believe it. Is that really you?”

Ahh yes. Well. Aren’t girls lucky? We get to play with tools and drive cars and all that, and we get make-up and nail salons and New Haircuts.

D&P are expected for lunch so I may only get in a teetiny bit of fiber play today. Also, I didn't buy the IK Crochet magazine because I never went by a book store at all. Instead, I spent a long afternoon visiting with my sister who lives closer to interstate ramps that promise speedy journeys home on the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend. One peek in the Ben Franklin in Mechanicsville was a dissapointment - they didn't even have the newest IK Knits - just the spring issue - so I am patternless. But the more I think about it, the more I think I could crochet a lacy skirt like that cover poncho sans pattern. I know how to crochet that sort of fabric and I'd alter a pattern anyway, to make it fit me. I believe I shall paw through the stash this weekend. There just may be something I could use.

posted by Bess | 7:39 AM